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Optimise your website based on what your customers are looking for – this is our number one rule. We practice holistic SEO looking at the bigger picture – extremely high quality in all aspects  of your website focusing on the users and their experience of your site 

Drive More Customers To Your Site

Why Local SEO Is Important To Your Local Business

The focal point of Local SEO is the audience near your business,  in your community, as opposed to the global audience we normally relate to SEO. 

Local SEO serves to promote your business’ visibility on local-based searches by improving your local searches rankings. 

Do not misunderstand us. Global SEO is important and we design your website to rank high, but as a small business, we target the consumers that are most relevant to your business – your local community – as they also search the Internet before buying products or hiring services. 

Why Small Businesses Need SEO

Research shows that more than 70% of mobile users Google the Internet using their mobile phones. 

You can see that leads from local community based are one of the major ways for potential customers to visit your business. Visibility is the name of the game. Google responds to “near me” research or equivalents showing local businesses, hence the best opportunity for you to win customers from competitors. 

Our design features will help you improve your SEO and your Local SEO increasing awareness of your brand and getting more traffic to your site. 

Specific Information For Local Businesses That Want More

How Does Local SEO Impact Your Local Business?


Local SEO helps your customer discover your business


Local SEO provides the information your customers want


Local SEO leads your customers to the right call to action


Local SEO builds trust expanding a mutually beneficial customer relationship

Strategic Local SEO techniques produce good results for your business.

We focus on your customers

Our Holistic Approach
to SEO

  • Proper keyword research to address what your audience wants
  • A fast site structure with fast speed and more crawlability by Google
  • Improve user experience with fast and easily navigable pages
  • Write quality content in pages and blogs
  • A solid social media strategy
  • Mobile optimisation to improve mobile user experience
  • Security for your business and your customers
  • Accessibility so everyone can enjoy your website
Local Ranking Factors

How Google determines the ranking of local search

  • RELEVANCE – how well your local listing matches what your visitor is looking for
  • DISTANCE -your location in relation to the location used in the search query
  • PROMINENCE – how well known your business is on your site’s online reputation 

Local ranking factors help your business grow.

WordPress Web design & Development Services

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WordPress SEO Best Practices

SEO can get technical, but using WordPress is already a great foundation to optimising your website. 

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