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Founded in 2019, Moss51 Art & Design is a studio of art and creative design, agile to approach every project with passion and care. I am a sole trader who wants to make a difference with the work I produce delivering functional and elegant solutions to my clients. 

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Cidinha Moss

Graphic & Web Designer

I love to help my clients visually communicate their messages to their public audience with my graphic and visual designs.

Let me introduce myself

Somebody said it couldn't be done...

Hello! I’m Cidinha Moss, of Moss51 Art & Design Studio.

I have been working with art, marketing, education and web & graphic designs for years, enhancing identities, printing newsletters and designing websites for clients locally and internationally.

Every work has brought challenges and adventures. None are the same. And I have enjoyed all of them. Differences in culture and languages fascinate me and are an essential part of my job. 

With my unique blend of artistic and technical skills, I create visual concepts in print and digital forms, using mainly Adobe Creative Cloud, InDesign, Elementor Pro and WordPress, besides other digital visual tools to communicate ideas in website and advertisements to inform, captivate and promote services or products – visual creative elements to support a brand and edit concepts in websites, e-commerce, and graphic applications like logos, newsletters, brochures, magazines, reports, events and anything else that requires a bit of imagination and creativity. 

Browse through my webpages and join me for a cuppa. Let’s do something amazing. Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Cidinha Moss, BA, B AppBus(Mktg)

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A Bit of History

Moss51 Art & Design was founded on the principles of helping our clients promote their businesses through the creation of the best services in web or graphic design suitable to our clients’ needs. 

I try to reflect a unique perspective with different materials and techniques in my artwork and in my graphic design services. Somehow,  family, applied marketing, colours, designs and dogs are essential to my life. They all bring me joy. 

Web Designer

We use different media artworks and software to create and develop company identities, branding and website designs to help our clients solve problems.

Solving problems is the real reason clients come to web designers.  We understand the best way to solve problems is through the development of  a good interaction between us and the client. 

Listening to the problem and understanding it, allow us to identify the website structure and optimal SEO approach to suit the client’s needs. The client will get functionality in a beautifully designed website with all the update features available. 

Graphic Designer

We specialise in brand and user experience: packaging, exhibit designs, ads, brochures and newsletters to effectively communicate your ideas to the target audience valuing their emotions and attitudes about using your product, system or service.

The goal is to cast a discerning eye to create relevant designs that challenge preconceived ideas.

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