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We partner with you to identify your company objectives and provide implementation plans for a range of design, advertising, branding, and marketing initiatives.

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Moss51 Art & Design creates visual and web communication materials for clients, such as logo designs and branding material. We also create and develop brochures, annual reports, stationery, art and graphic design for commercial and personal applications. 

Custom Graphic Design With A Personal Touch

We specialise in logos, website and print designs and will love to help you with all your graphic design needs. Please feel free to explore our portfolio and contact us with your design project. 

Our aim is to make your ideas consistent with the prospective market and communicate them to your target public.

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Moss51 Art & Design is a boutique web and graphic design studio based in Upper Lockyer, QLD. We service the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley regions plus other areas from Australia and globally using Skype, Zoom and other online services. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or a phone call

Commercial website, Logos and Branding Design

Personal & Family Graphic Design

We produce custom quality cards, calendars, posters, graduation photos, birthday cards and invitations, anniversary and wedding invitations. The right message and pictures to create a perfect personal website or printed piece. 

We listen, support, help and build websites and printed designs to help our clients achieve perfect results for their businesses or personal celebrations.
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You need a unique, secure, optimised website with beautifully designed graphic icons and images to promote your business

Artful and consistent identity designs communicate your marketing strategy to your target audience. The design of your logo, business cards, ads, letterhead, brochures, envelopes and website need to be aligned to transmit the value of the product or service you provide because they are the first things your potential customer will see. 

Our promise is to listen to what you say and incorporate all your considerations when designing your image. 

The first idea of branding identity is to magnify the influence of your company logo, i.e. the identification of your company by the target audience. This identity is the face of your company and it should sign the trust that you offer to your target clients. Therefore, with this idea in mind, I would like to ask you again: “How many logos do you remember?”

Making a difference is what we aim when building a brand. The perception of your brand to the target audience is foundation number one in the creation of a memorable experience to your customers. Making a difference resonates in the design of your company logo when the message is communicated in a natural, friendly language to your customers’ expectations. 

The trends we are witnessing in designing brand identities are the major disruptors shaping the new reality where collaboration and humanity play the leading roles. The relationship between marketing and graphic design continues to be a crucial part of reaching the strategic goals of a company. When well done, marketing creates interest, and design communicates the brand.

Brand marks are visual images created to identify a company, making your brand more appealing to the customers. We all desire to have our brand interacting with customers on an intimate level. Usually, the products we choose to buy hold some meaning to us, even if we cannot put it in words. They might bring memories or emotions that are key factors to our choices.

Your logos can create an anchored position for your company, establishing a broad visual presence, in a distinctive style, of the prospective solutions customers can expect to find for their problems. Your company, like many others, mould the focus of your message into the mission and vision image to prospective customers to leave a positive impression on them. 

Our brand should deliver cutting-edge information to our target audience to provide them with solutions or pleasures to their needs. There are diverse ways your logo can release new, exciting behaviours to motivate the audience to create a sense of familiarity and trust in the intangible symbol of your brand.  A logo is the visual representation of everything your brand stands for.

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No matter what industry you are in, professionally made web and graphic design can help you profit and grow. Get in touch with us to find out how to make a responsive, user-friendly website and a perfect logo to start building your brand now. 

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