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Responsive Websites Designs

Responsive websites automatically adapt to optimal browsing experience in all screen sizes, from desktop or laptop computers to tablets and smartphones without compromising its aesthetic or performance providing flawless readability and visibility of all elements.

Build Responsive, conversion-driving websites

If you want to leave your customers with a beneficial first impression of your brand, attract more of your potential visitors and convert them into paying customers, it’s high time to talk to us and build a responsive website. We have done it before!

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Designing websites that adapt to any device

What Is A Responsive Website Design?

With the astronomical pace of smartphones and tablets usage, every client deserves and needs a mobile version of their website. It is essential. All mobile versions must be compatible, functional, fast and good looking. 

With responsive design, your website pages will adapt and deliver the best experience to visitors, whether they are accessing the pages on their desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. In other words, your website will look good on all devices. 

With responsive web design, all pages will display on any device or screen sizes automatically adapting to the screen.

How a responsive website design works

Responsive web design works through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using different style settings according to the screen size, orientation, resolution, colour compatilibliy and a few other properties. 

Only HTML and CSS are used in responsive web design to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move any content to make it readable and visible on any screen. The design automatically adjusts for different screen sizes and viewports. 

Four principles help us understand how responsive website design works: 

1. Fluid Grid System – the content becomes fluid to the size of the container;
2. Fluid Image – image stacks that enable images to scale properly according to the screen size;
3. Media Queries – change the layout according to specific conditions;
4. Breakpoints – predetermined points for a change in the design layout.

In summary, responsive web design gives us the ability to work accordingly to the visitors’ devices providing them with a positive experience

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Do you need a responsive optimised website design?

Is your website responsive?

There are two easy  ways to find out if your website is responsive:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to your website
  3. Press Ctrl +Shift + I (this will open Chrome DevTools  on the right size of your screen)
  4. Press Crtl + Shift + M ( to allow you to toggle the device toolbar)
  5. Then you can view your website pages from a mobile, tablet, or a desktop perspective. 

A second way is using a free tool, like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This tool will check your website URL and if it is mobile-friendly or not. It will provide you with a copy of the website page in a mobile format with the answer. 

Responsive Design

The Benefits Of A Responsive Website Design

We provide all aspects of design and development of a new website using WordPress themes and plugins and Astra Pro Themes. WordPress is a complete content management system that permits us to build different types of websites and enhance them using the magic of  Elementor Pro as the main page editor and the wonders of Adobe InDesign in layout and page design software.  WordPress CMS makes the lives of business owners, marketers, and web designers easier, so we can concentrate on the online strategies to grow your business. 

  • One website for every device: your website will be configured correctly for the users’ optimal viewing pleasure.
  • Optimal design for the device: all fonts, images, and other HTML attributes will be scaled appropriately to the screen size the visitor is using.
  • Responsive website design attracts a wider audience:  as more and more people use the smartphone to access businesses before buying or using their services, your website will attract people responding to their screen sizes and improving conversion rates.
  • A responsive website design lowers bounce rates as it will be easily navigable providing answers fast and easy. Remember that if your website is not compatible with your visitors’ device, they will simply back up and go to one of your competitors. 
  • A responsive website design is easier to maintain as any changes only have to be done once and not across all different versions.
  • It is easier to monitor analytics as it is just one website, one source of information and not the multiple websites for multiples devices you would need if your website is not responsive. 
  • It is a boost for SEO  as you will be directing more traffic to your website. Google has been favouring responsive websites and they appear higher on the search engines results.
  • Cost-benefit to the business owner as the website will be easier to manage, will not need different versions for different screen sizes and you can work from and update just a single website. 
  • A responsive website will provide consistency in design and brand with the same look and feel and the same design across all devices. 
Responsive web design is important to your business

Why focus on Responsive Design?

Making your website mobile responsive is not an option anymore – it is the only option.

When your website is accessed from a smartphone or a tablet, you still need to impress your visitors providing information quickly in an aesthetically readable and good looking website. 

It is your visitors right.

A responsive website re-sizes and rearranges your desktop layout to any different screen sizes and resolutions automatically.  

If you encourage your visitors who are browsing your website on a mobile device you are reaching more than fifty per cent of possible customers and increasing your chances to receive a sale lead enquiry or of starting a relationship with that person. And reliable friendly customer service is the motto of your business. So, why aren’t you doing it?   

Features of a Good Website

Fast & Optimised

High-speed matters to improve the performance of your website. Page speed is the amount of time it takes for a website to load. Google has used page speed as a ranking factor since 2010. Slow-loading websites will damage your brand and drive customers to the competition. 


Do you want to create a website now that will continually help your business grow?  Your site data will always have regular backups and safety. We follow the industry best practices to ensure a website that is secure, robust and extendable to new functionalities. 


An SSL Certificate is a protective measure to encrypt your website and protect your data. This means all data remain private. Security is critical as digital threats increase every day. We implement all the necessary measures to prevent attacks and unauthorised actions. 

find the design principles to make your website aesthetic, effective, engaging and user-friendly.

Turn Stress into pleasure

Design & Development for WordPress

WordPress themes with Astra Pro and Elementor Pro are a reliable foundation for the web design we offer. Create a stunning web presence with a digital transformation focused on visitor conversions.
Your website will be not only beautiful but also functional, optimised and fast to help your business grow. 

Our WordPress web design process starts with an intro talk to complete a detailed brief with information necessary on the functionality and vision for the website, and the best strategy it will have to help us execute your project on-time and on-budget. 

With your help, we will put together a detailed design strategy designed to enhance your digital presence meeting your marketing goals and objectives. We will provide suggestions and best practices on design, cosmetic and other relevant features to ensure the work we do for you is attractive, professional, secure and mobile-friendly. Our aim is to deliver results.    

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