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Why do I like writing, designing and being an artist?

Because they accentuate my individuality and self-expression. I work in a variety of mediums and develop my own approach. With the art, designs, and website content I create for Internet pages, I seek to encourage people to find solutions to their problems and appreciate beauty.

I believe these three skills help me face problems and exchange ideas. I find it difficult to separate them. I use a combination of my artistic and technical abilities to create visual tools to communicate ideas in websites, canvas, and clay. It is my intention to spread creative thoughts and propagate creative ideas.

My 65 years of life have been filled with obstacles and adventures. None were alike, and I’ve appreciated the majority of them. However, not all.

fish digital painting

I consider my abilities in art, design, and writing to be transferable and useful in all aspects of my life.

I admire how IKEA demonstrates the significance of design, art, and practicality in people’s lives by selling functional and attractive products. We can see that art and design are never monotonous because they constantly adapt to new concepts, trends, and technologies.

The Blogs section of this website also contains deliberately mediated and analysed articles about the arts. Please read them if you are interested. The purpose of these articles is to construct a library on culture, ideas, art techniques, styles, history, and the power of art. This has been my position from the start, and I expect it will become more apparent as the articles are published.

A little bit of my artwork

Art for sale

If you are interested in buying them, please email me for contacts. Every handmade painting or artwork is unique. Shipping, handling, and applicable taxes are not included in the price. Certificate of Authenticity included. 

My works provide a practical outlet for my creative, analytic, and critical processes, which in turn improves (or exacerbates) my capabilities (or incapacities) in these areas. It took me many years to comprehend the significance of this practice and why my life is what it is today. Should I show gratitude?

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