Guest Post Guidelines

This page is intended to provide insight into what we look for in guest submissions and a protocol to follow when submitting content. The Moss51 Art & Design guest post initiative is tailored to experts who wish to contribute their articles to our website.

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Guest Post Guidelines

Moss51 Art & Design

This page is intended to provide insight into what we look for in guest submissions and a protocol to follow when submitting content.

Our mission is to provide our readers with the most insightful and innovative content available. To accomplish this, we rely on a talented group of editorial writers and regular contributors and invite guest authors to submit articles.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with passionate writers, designers, artists, and marketers who may be more knowledgeable than I am. My objective is to educate our readers, improve SEO, and make our blog posts a useful, approachable, and valuable resource for our visitors. In addition, to establish writing, grammar, and punctuation standards to maintain a consistent tone and style.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we will only contact you if we decide to publish your submission. We don’t distribute press releases. We are pleased to publish guest posts and sponsored content that matches our website’s content.

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We accept content submissions pertaining to SEO, Content Writing, Copywriting, Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Art Ideas, Art History, Art Techniques, and related topics.

Our tone of voice is professional, analytical, data-driven, focused, conversational, and light hearted. We love new ideas and development in the industry. Please write to us if you have strategic advice that has helped you do your job better or transformed how your business operates. Clearly identify the main points you wish to make, along with the audience’s benefits. We prefer to be genuine, and we are not hesitant to question the status quo.


  • Ensure to write high-quality content, not just filler.
  • All content submitted must be yours, original, and not previously published in any form.
  • Conduct extensive research on the topic to produce well-informed content.
  • When citing others or supplying statistics, you must provide citations.
  • All posts must be high-quality and add value to our readers.
  • We do not accept posts that contain links to irrelevant websites or blogs.
  • Create a captivating title that guarantees views.
  • Use relevant keywords and SEO-friendly structure to optimise content.
  • Deliver your message clearly.
  • Write at least 800 words of relevant content direct to our audience.
  • We reserve the right to include internal links or affiliate links in or around a guest post.
  • We do not allow pure advertisements or press releases.
  • Do not spare any effort to write the finest content.
  • By submitting a guest post for consideration, you must have read, comprehended, and agreed to our Guest Post Guidelines.

Your benefits:

  • You will reach the right audience, influencers, and reputable blogs in your industry.
  • The option to include a brief bio at the conclusion of your post.
  • Authorship credit for the post, if desired.
  • Access to one of the expanding online audiences of small and growing enterprises.
  • Your post will be promoted by Moss51 Art & Design on social media channels, Google Business, email contacts and all other digital marketing opportunities we use to spread our presence online. This allows you to reach a new audience with higher conversion rates and identify potential customers.
A guest post is an opportunity to share your knowledge and expose your expertise to a new audience.

1. Blog Post Formatting Guidelines

Headings & Subheadings

  • Only 1 “Heading 1” or <h1> per blog post.
  • Any subsequent headings should be in “Heading 2” format or <h2>.
  • Headings subordinate to “Heading 2” will be in “Heading 3” format or <h3>.
  • Apply “Heading 4” or <h4>, if needed.

Bullets and Numbered Lists are good for SEO

It is a more user-friendly way to improve the readability of the content for the users. Google prefers content with numbers and bullets.

  • Bullets: use the round shape.
  • Numbered Lists: use “1.”, a number followed by a dot.


It is recommended not to have more than 3 paragraphs without some heading or subheading to break up the text.

Please keep paragraphs under 4 sentences unless absolutely necessary to avoid giant walls of text.

2. Guidelines for Tense, Voice, and Point of View

Style and Tone

A good writing style helps build trust with the reader. All information should be written with correct grammar in a conversational, welcoming tone. Make an effort to be educational without sounding too scholarly.

Please avoid using jargon, such as acronyms, that people would not understand out of context.

A good writing style is aesthetically pleasing. Authors can be amusing but should never be irreverent to their readers. Artistic but, at the same time, objective. Be clear and specific.

Point of View

Point of view refers to the perspective the author assumes when writing. The first-person voice establishes a direct connection with the reader and is ideal for revealing genuine personal experiences. The second-person perspective places the reader at the centre of the dialogue, perfect for educational material.

All content must be approved. We strictly prohibit any mention of politics or religion in the content.


Most writing should be in the active voice. Yoast SEO includes a passive voice check, which tracks all passive voice sentences and determines whether they exceed the suggested maximum. Your writing will sound more remote, and your message will be less apparent if you use passive voice. That is why we advise against overdoing it!

Articles should be at least 800 words long, with internal links to Moss51 Art & Design pages and our blogs and external links to companies that are related to the subject and valuable for our readers to consult. There will be no advertising allowed. And your links you be reviewed.

For different forms of information, there are distinct style guidelines. Blog posts, case studies, infographics, and videos, among other sorts of content, will be accepted.

3. Graphics, Images and Formats

  • Images download must be “free for commercial and personal use”.
  • Captions can be used if needed. Captions can also be used to attribute third-party images in your content.

We reserve the right to review and optimise your articles for on-page SEO. Several aspects, like image position, graphics, and formats, will be adjusted to fit the Moss51 format.

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The Writing Style Guidelines of George Orwell

Let’s borrow a few titbits (or ‘tidbits’ for the Americans) from a reliable source:

  1. Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
  2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.
  3. If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut it out.
  4. Never use the passive when you can use the active.
  5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
  6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.

Australian website that connects globally

We use the Australian/British English spelling conventions. If in doubt, see the Oxford Style Guide or get in touch with me.

So, we say, for instance:

  • “organisations” instead of “organizations”
  • “apologise” instead of “apologize”
  • “favour” instead of “favor”
  • “centre” instead of “center”
  • “litre” instead of “liter”
  • “enrolment” instead of “enrollment”
  • “fulfil” instead of “fulfill”

Spelling Troublesome Words

Cell Phone (noun) – Two words, no hyphen. In Australia, we rarely use a cell phone; we say “Mobile”.

Click Through (verb) – Two words, no hyphen, e.g. I will click through to this website.

Clickthrough (noun) – One word, no hyphen, e.g. My clickthrough rates are up!

e.g. (abbreviation) – Example given (or “exempli gratia” which means “for example). Not to be confused with i.e. My blog promotes other things (e.g., my podcast).

eBook (noun) – Note the capitalisation of the B.

email (noun and verb) – One word, no hyphen. No capitalisation.

i.e. (abbreviation) – In effect or In essence. It may also mean “specifically” or “in other words.” Not to be confused with e.g. The podcast will launch in August (i.e. in two months).

Internet (noun) – Note that the ‘I’ is capitalised.

eCommerce – note the capitalised C.

Website – one word.

Keyword (noun) – One word, no hyphen.

Set up (verb) – Two words. e.g. He set up the booth.

Setup (noun) – One word. e.g. The setup was perfect.

  • Follow this rule for all similar words. e.g. sign up (verb).
  • For adjective forms, use a hyphen. e.g. “sign-up sheet.
  • For noun forms, use “signup”.



  • Please add ‘s to show possession for a singular entity, even if the word ends in ‘s.’ e.g. My business’s employees have Christmas off.
  • Plural words, as always, receive s’. e.g. The businesses’ collective assets are being consolidated.
  • Punctuation always goes inside apostrophes. e.g. He said “hello.”
  • Exception: When it causes confusion. e.g. Did he just say “hello”?



Use the Oxford comma when listing items. e.g. I bought milk, eggs, and cheese at the grocery store.


  • Hyphens are used for compound adjectives. e.g. High-quality work
  • Do not use them with adverbs (that end in -ly). e.g. Highly skilled workers
  • Use the dangling hyphen for incomplete/repetitive compound adjectives, but only when the sentence cannot otherwise be reworded. e.g. The walls are designed to be fire- and flood-resistant.


  • Be mindful of the differences between hyphens (-), en dashes (–), and em dashes, aka the long dash (—).
  • Hyphens and en dashes should not be used in place of the em (or long dash), which typically emphasizes phrases. The long dash does not get spaces on either side of it. e.g. You—an amazing and talented writer—will go far.
  • Use en dashes (–) for periods of time. e.g. 8 am – 5 pm

Use abbreviations when applicable but be sure to define them in parentheses first. e.g. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one strategy businesses use to improve their presence online. Some of the basics of SEO include…

Do not punctuate abbreviations if possible. Use “aka” instead of “a.k.a.”


Always use the numeral in titles and body text rather than spelling out the word unless the number is long and unwieldy such as “5 billion.”

Use the numeral even when it begins the sentence.

Per cent

Always use the % symbol instead of spelling out “per cent.” “Percent” is American, and “per cent” is used in Australia.


When using a statistic, provide attribution within the text of the sentence. e.g. According to the National Heart Association…

We could hyperlink to those sources if other sources were used that may need to be referenced in the article.

Now, if you've made it this far in the Guide, you deserve a pat on the back. A little bit more and it will be done.

Our goal is to guide authors by offering a set of guidelines by which they must abide when writing content for my website. It reduces ambiguity, guesswork, and disagreements among language and content nerds over what amounts to a matter of editorial opinion.

I would be thrilled if you joined me in improving this style guide as a group. Much of what I’ve written here is familiar, but even the finest writers can benefit from a refresher on the fundamentals. You should be ready to use your tremendous talent to produce the best article possible.

This guideline is meant to be updated regularly. As new questions arise, we should feel free to ask them and acquire answers, which will be included in an updated edition of this guest post guidelines.

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Contact us to arrange the best possible mutual collaboration possible. I  am eager to be of assistance and establish a productive partnership. Thank you!

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