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If you're just starting out with websites or lack technical know-how, Strikingly is a fantastic solution. For those who need a basic website up and running quickly without a lot of bells and whistles, Strikingly's free plan is a good place to start.
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    Create Your Website Effortlessly

    Strikingly has quickly become a popular website builder because of its intuitive interface, pre-designed themes, ready-to-use sections, and integrated image editor. When beginning to branch out online, Strikingly is a great choice. It’s perfect if you want a quick and easy way to create a single-page or multipage website. It’s an easy-to-use website builder, ideal for personal blogs or small enterprises due to its easy use and quick setup. Keep reading to learn if Strikingly is the right fit for your needs.

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    Strikingly Web Design Tools and Features

    Strikingly is an easy-to-use software developed for newcomers. Pick a design you like, add your own content (including photographs) and publish it online—a great option for beginners looking to get online quickly.

    All packages consist of:

    • An intuitive interface for creating documents.
    • Features like an online store and social network integration are included in the free plan, but you are limited to selling only one product.
    • Blogging toolkit.
    • A growing number of templates available on Strikingly which can be filtered by business, personal or portfolio

    You can always select a different template if the one you first chose doesn’t suit your needs. The ability to see your site’s content in a variety of available templates is another useful function. Even if you’ve never built a website, Strikingly’s easy-to-use website builder software is a great tool to get an idea of what content to include.

    Designing Complex Features with No Coding Required

    However, Strikingly does support sophisticated features for users who require them, including the following:

    • Blogging
    • eCommerce for tangible goods, digital goods, and services
    • Membership sites and content restriction
    • Marketing via email and automation
    • Popup windows
    • Live chat

    Strikingly Features

    Strikingly’s dedication to constant improvement is evident through their regular updates to their website builder, templates, features, and offerings. While no website builder is flawless, I have a deep appreciation for Strikingly because they continuously strive to enhance the user experience and simplify the process of creating a website without needing coding knowledge.

    The free and limited plans restricted users to single-page websites, which posed challenges for search engine optimisation (SEO). But Strikingly’s upgrade has addressed this issue by allowing multiple pages on every plan. Additionally, it seems like Strikingly introduces new pre-designed templates and features on a monthly basis.

    Among the numerous valuable features offered by Strikingly, some that stand out to me are:

    • Thoughtfully designed templates, sections, and layouts
    • In-built image editor and gallery
    • The capability to create multiple websites on one plan, making it ideal for agencies
    • An online store available for all subscribers, including those on the free plan
    • A strong focus on mobile-first design principles
    • Excellent customer help and support

    Advantages of Strikingly

    • Excellent Value for the Price

    Strikingly offers a free plan in addition to affordable subscription plans that come with a tonne of features. There are website builders out there that are more affordably priced, but Strikingly packs a lot of functionality into each plan, and you can even construct an online store on the free plan. On top of that, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of sites with any premium subscription.

    • No-code Website Design

    Building a website with Strikingly is a breeze because of its no-code construction capability. It is much more difficult to mess up the design of a website when using grid-based templates. If you want to develop a website quickly without learning or using code, Strikingly is the most logical choice, and it also delivers on that promise.

    • Carefully Crafted Layouts

    Pick from nearly 200 free, mobile-responsive templates created with specific businesses in mind. The easy yet powerful customisation options ensure that your site may be as distinctive as your imagination permits, even though some templates look similar.

    • 24/7 Customer Service

    You can contact an agent anytime using the round-the-clock live chat feature or the user forum. In addition to its powerful website-editing features, Strikingly provides a comprehensive support centre.

    Disadvantages of Strikingly

    • Limited Customisation

    Strikingly’s straightforward layout and minimal customisation options make it unfit for sites with ambitious expansion plans.

    • Speed Optimisation

    Strikingly’s speed is slow in comparison with other website builders.

    • Removal of Strikingly Branding is Costly

    To get rid of Strikingly’s logo requires upgrading to the Pro plan.

    Who Should Use Strikingly?

    I understand that not everyone needs a website builder, but let’s take a look at the sectors that could gain the most from building their website with Strikingly:


    Blogging is Strikingly’s strength. Analytics, RSS feed, social bookmarking, comments, search, and display categories are included to start your blog.

    Simply click “Add New Section” in the side menu, select “Simple Blog”, and done! Start blogging now. The free plan has this, which is great!

    Strikingly is a good pick for newbie bloggers. Upgrade to a premium subscription for further features, or stay on the free version. If blogging is your passion, check out their top blogging platforms.


    Strikingly is not a suitable website builder for large or fast-growing businesses due to its limited scalability features. However, it is ideal for freelancers or small businesses looking to promote their brand or build an online presence on a budget.


    Strikingly’s layouts are often attractive and have large, high-quality graphics. Strikingly works well for small portfolios and personal sites because of its gallery and large media sections.

    Strikingly is a slick and beautiful design. However, the themes limit your portfolio display creativity. Strikingly’s design and functionality aren’t overdone.

    Strikingly is a good website builder if you don’t care about design and want to go online quickly and affordably.


    Strikingly makes getting a website up and running simple and quick, making it a great option for do-it-yourselves who want a quick and easy way to create a nice website without having to deal with code or custom design.

    Strikingly aims to get you online fast. Strikingly is ideal for businesses who value speed over design or creative freedom and want a straightforward webpage.

    Strikingly is a wonderful choice if you want a clear template to rapidly build up a blog, personal, or small company site. Although it can’t compete with industry giants, its range of tools and ease of use make it the best. Try Strikingly’s free plan (include the link here) and a 14-day trial to see what you can build. You may surprise yourself!

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