5 Features You Need to Add When Creating an Intuitive Website?

Are you satisfied with the results your current website produces? Typically, poorly performing websites do not consider the business proposition from the consumer's perspective. Consequently, the website's user experience does not accurately reflect the message and branding strategy that the company wishes to convey. In contrast, intuitive website design occurs when current knowledge equals target knowledge.
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In the digital age, it is no secret that businesses need a website to be competitive and successful. However, a website can only be effective if it is intuitive and easy to use. Studies have found that visitors to a website will leave if they cannot easily navigate it within a few seconds. It is entirely normal for business owners to be unaware of the technicalities behind website development, so they may need external help to develop the website.

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The business owners may choose whatever services they think is required for the betterment of their website UX and UI features. The external help can aid you in developing an intuitive website that is competent enough to stand out in the market.

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    What is an Intuitive Website?

     In an intuitively designed webpage, the components making up the website are organized so that the user can access information, navigate and transact naturally and effortlessly. Intuitive design may seem simple but is not necessarily uncompetitive.

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    5 features you need to add when creating an Intuitive Website

    To help you create an intuitive website that keeps your visitors engaged, here are the top 5 features you need to add when creating a website:

    1. The Navigation Menu

    Users can only find what they’re looking for if they can navigate your website, so you must have a straightforward navigation menu. The main menu should be located at the website’s top and visible on every page. It should be organised logically, such as by product, contact information, or company information. Additionally, using descriptive and intuitive links will make it easier for users to understand where each link will take them.

    2. The explore sign/ search bar

    Suppose a user is looking for specific information that may not be easily found through the navigation menu. In that case, a search bar can be beneficial for them to see what they’re they’re looking for quickly. It is ideal to add a search bar to the top of your website in a consistent location. Using predictive text or filtering options will help narrow the search results, making it effortless for users to find the information they’re looking for.

    3. Easy to handle on mobile

    In today’s mobile lifestyle, websites must cater to mobile users to remain competitive. Most users consume content using their smartphones today, with 60% of searches being done on mobile devices. Websites should have a responsive design, which means they can adapt to different screens, adjusting graphics and text size without compromising quality or ease of use. In addition, using a specific theme and font will make the content on mobile devices easier to access and read.

    4. Attractive Multimedia

    Most people are visual learners, so websites that use multimedia like photos, videos, infographics, and gifs tend to keep users engaged. Including multimedia that accurately and efficiently conveys your message or product specifics is more compelling than an extensive sales pitch with multiple paragraphs. Furthermore, interactive multimedia activates user participation, which leads to higher retention rates and increased learning ability.

    5. Reach out page

    Trust is a crucial pillar for successful websites, particularly when gaining a visitor’s contact information or information from a sale. Including a “Contact Us” page with different means of communication will comfort the visitor. Communication channels include email, phone numbers, physical addresses, and a chatbox, including social media links that direct the user to your social media profile and potentially a team member bio to reassure the visitor and promote the trust that their queries or issues would be resolved.


    In conclusion, every business owner aims to create an intuitive website that serves their visitors effortlessly and straightforwardly. With precise navigation, search upgrades, react webpage adaptability for mobile devices, exciting graphics and media options, and accessible information on Contact Us pages, visitors’ interactions with your brand or service can be a pleasurable and hassle-free experience.

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