Strikingly Website Builder: Is It Good?

Is Strikingly your ideal website builder? We will assist you in determining whether Strikingly is the best option for you. It is an excellent starting point for beginners and much more affordable than Wix or Squarespace.
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Strikingly is a website builder that allows users to build mobile-optimised websites with little or no development knowledge. The company adopts a mobile-first strategy, allowing customers to create websites that are optimised for viewing on all devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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    Strikingly Website Builder: is it good?

    While Strikingly may not be as well-known as other website builders, it is certainly competitive with its free and low-cost options. The no-code website generator is simple enough that anyone can use it. What’s more, unlike many other website builders, their support centre is open 24/7 to assist you in fixing any issues that may arise.

    Strikingly is an excellent option for individuals and small businesses who don’t want to start from scratch but still require some degree of personalisation to their website. With Strikingly, users can construct their own websites without having to learn HTML or CSS. The platform streamlines the design and development of websites, allowing startups, SMBs, and experts to concentrate on producing content that will resonate with their customers.

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    The easiest possible website editor

    Strikingly’s first evaluation is positive, so let’s learn more. Strikingly’s user-friendly interface and library of premade mobile-optimised themes make it a snap to create a responsive site. Though not the most flexible, it is recommended for small to medium web enterprises.

    Strikingly Unique Qualities

    Mobile Responsive Templates 190+
    Online Store Available on all plans
    Free Domain One complimentary domain for the initial year on paid plans
    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Free SSL Certificates available from
    Multiple Websites All paid contracts permit multiple websites (2, 3, or 5)
    Mobile App Create, publish and manage a website from any iOS or Android device with the Strikingly app
    Advanced Features • blogging • e-Commerce for physical products, digital products and service • email marketing and automation • popups • live chat • membership sites and content restriction.
    Support 24/7 via live chat Prioritisation and phone support for subscribers to the VIP plan

    Strikingly Website Builder: Pros and Cons


    • User-friendly site-building tools.
    • Attractive themes with responsive layouts.
    • Allows you to transfer templates without recreating the website.
    • Exceptional uptime.
    • Free tier.


    • Fewer personalisation options than competing website creators.
    • Many standard features need a premium subscription.
    • Free and low-cost tiers are restricted to five pages per site.

    Strikingly spectacular features

    Domain Names

    If you have a Strikingly account, you may either register your domain through their service or use a third-party domain registration tool, such as GoDaddy, and then point it to your Strikingly website.

    After your purchase, you should receive a domain name registration confirmation. Connecting your domain to your website requires no further steps. You can focus on building a beautiful area while they handle the technical stuff. To check host records and move your domain, use the DNS manager. Subdomains, redirects, privacy, and security options are also available.


    You may see how many visits you have and where they are from (by country) with the help of Strikingly’s Analytics dashboard. It also categorises the visitors’ origins, such as direct visits, social media, and referrals. I recommend a more detailed website performance analysis to start your market study than restricting yourself to what Strikingly offers. When you link the site to Google Analytics, you obtain more detailed information about your website’s traffic, visitors, search phrases, etc. This platform has tonnes of data for digital marketing and brand-building. 

    E-commerce functionality

    Strikingly provides the fastest and simplest e-commerce platform available, allowing you to open a shop online right now. I would advise beginning with their free online store builder and upgrading later if needed. With Strikingly customisable themes, you can build an e-commerce site that truly does your products justice.

    Simple Stores is Strikingly easiest and fastest way to help you launch a mobile-friendly online store. Simple Stores is a section you can incorporate into your Sprinkling site. From there, you can manage anything from adding images to fulfilling orders right from the editor.


    A personal blog can help you reach your professional goals — a blog can enhance website traffic and sales. Website builders are becoming code-free. They are intended for anyone with enough internet familiarity to create a simple website. These frameworks handle website coding and back-end maintenance.

    Strikingly is an up-and-coming website builder. The interface and functionality of their platform are tailored to be intuitive and simple to use. Strikingly’s drag-and-drop editor makes it a breeze to publish new posts to your blog, saving you time and money compared to starting from scratch.

    Social Media Integration

    Strikingly provides you with the integration of social media buttons for websites with easy steps. Social Media integration to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels are available, and you just have to decide which ones are more suitable for your business. Strikingly offers a good UI design for the best navigation of the social media sharing buttons to their full potential.

    HTTPS Built-in

    SSL and the ability to use HTTPS are included at no extra cost when you register a custom domain through Strikingly or any other registrar. Strikingly automatically enables HTTPS for your site. You also won’t need to go out and buy an SSL Certificate on your own and figure out how to incorporate it into your website. Increasing your site’s security is a proven strategy for climbing the search engine ranks.

    • Basic Image Editing
    • Blogging Tool
    • Free Version Membership offered
    • Site Membership
    • Web Store
    Absolutely no coding or design knowledge is required.

    Strikingly Pricing

    Strikingly can be cheaper than alternatives like Squarespace and Wix in some circumstances. However, there are a few limitations to keep in mind. The visual editor is not as potent as these other tools, and those who value flexibility may prefer a self-hosted WordPress solution.

    Strikingly offers three paid plans in addition to the forever free plan. You can build a basic website and sell a single product with an always-free plan. However, you won’t have access to all of the capabilities, and you’ll have to use a subdomain and other Strikingly branding on your site.

    Strikingly is one of the more cost-effective paid website builder solutions available today. So, if you’re looking at paid plans, Strikingly is one of the most reasonably priced website builders out there.

    The Pro plan is the most cost-effective option, so I suggest you check it out.


    Strikingly is the easiest website editor possible. It’s simple and focused, and with no code or design experience, you’ll have a beautiful website in less than one hour.

    You can have a stunning website up and running in just an hour, even if you know nothing about HTML or CSS. A beautiful website with no coding or design experience is not a myth, after all.

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