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washing hands for Covid-19
Graphic Design

Ways to improve website marketing strategies

Covid-19 has caused frustrations to all kinds of business. With the ongoing crisis, many businesses are turning to the Internet, which presents an excellent opportunity for site designers to assist other firms and raise their own image.

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Graphic Design

Gestalt Theory for Computer Screen Designs

The psychological theories of Gestalt Principles are one of the foundations of screen design to improve visual form. Learn how to visually organise each individual element from the environment into structure fields to produce a finished figure the viewer can understand.

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Content Marketing

Principle of Relationships in the Gestalt Theory

The Gestalt approach to relationships urges us to look beyond comfort and easy flow and focus on what is uncomfortable, bothersome, puzzling, and difficult about the other as our greatest opportunity for personal growth. All images don’t have the same meaning to us. On a computer screen, you’ll interpret them based on their relationships with each other. Understand the Gestalt Principle of Relationships to create a more well-balanced framework and to interact with the audience more successfully.

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