Insights into the Future of User Experience (UX): 5 Trends for 2023

The future of the web is constantly in flux. UX/UI web design trends are no exception, and 2023 promises designers a treasure trove of innovative and exciting ideas to explore. We've compiled 5 UX trends for 2023 to help you stay on top of the curve. This post's insights into the future of user experience are based on our personal observations and the projections of industry experts. Let's get started. Shall we?
ux trends for 2023

Change is the only constant.

The proverb can’t be any truer when it comes to the evolving trends for UX designs. While storytelling and voice-based user interface topped the charts as the key UX design trends in 2021, the personalised experience remains the buzzword for the year 2022.

When new clients knock at the inboxes of website design companies every year, they find recent UX trends. And for the better. Adopting the latest without losing the essence of the age-old designing principles is crucial to stay relevant to your website or application. However, if frequent changes frustrate you, it is crucial to know why it is important to stay updated with the designs.

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    Why adopt new UX design trends?

    It is a known fact that user experience is the roadmap to user engagement. The screen size of electronic gadgets such as wearable devices is constantly shrinking. From big-screen televisions, we have come to use compact TVs, laptops, computers, mobile phones, and smartwatches. Given the difference in the sizes of these devices, it is important to have UI/UX designs that are responsive to these devices.

    With the changing screen size, the UI/UX design must be proportionate. If not, your website or application may become redundant for your users. Hence, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that adopting UX design is the key to staying relevant in your industry. As a result, creative agencies push their limits to incorporate the latest UX trends into the website of their clients.

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    Top 5 user experience (UX) trends to look for in 2023

    ● Mobile-first design:

    Wondering why mobile-first design when laptops and bigger screens have been in existence for quite a long time? It’s because the adoption of smartphones is gradually outgrowing the adoption of desktops and laptops. Talking about numbers, nearly 73% of people are likely to rely on their mobile devices to access the Internet and apps by 2025, away from laptops/desktops. Hence, the importance of mobile-first design will be prevalent in the coming time.

    If we were to put the very concept of mobile-first design into four words, it would be–Small first, big later! To put this concept into perception, the design philosophy behind mobile-first UX design hinges on working for the smallest screen first and then moving on to the big screen.


    In order to implement a mobile-first design, you need to prioritise your page content. Since there are space restrictions when it comes to working with smaller screens, you need to ensure that you select only the required elements for the screen.


    ● Intuitive navigation:

    Another key user experience (UX) trend to look for in 2023 is pertaining to intuitive navigation. It is a significant element while prioritising the delivery of a clean and neat user experience on the mobile screen.

    Branding companies often work on prototypes to create potential workflow journeys for users to walk through. Similarly, you can chalk out workflow using the features such as navigation drawers through hamburger menus. This can be used for displaying secondary elements in your website or application.

    However, while working on the navigation and workflow, it is equally important to deliver the intent of users at speed. Once you are done with the intuitive navigation UX design, you can check the page speed score for your mobile and desktop platforms. You can also check out other navigation metrics, such as Page Resource Summary, Navigation Timing API, etc., to align your navigation with your mobile-first design approach.

    ● Remove disruptive pop-ups:

    The success of website redesign services depends on user delight. And, your users would definitely agree to the fact that pop-up ads are super annoying. From a series of research undertaken over a period of time, it has been found that users dislike modals and pop-ups while they are consuming content on the Internet. Hence, apps and websites are coming up with subscription models to remove advertisements from their platforms to offer a seamless experience to their users.

    While advertisements are an important aspect of revenue generation, with frequent usage of pop-up ads, you might lose out on lead generation potential. To provide a good user experience, you can avoid prompts during the user’s critical task. For instance, you can display a pop-up before a game begins or after it, but you should avoid the pop-up during it.

    Similarly, you should avoid pop-ups with emails right after they land on your website. It is recommended to give them some space and time to explore your website before you get them to trust enough to share their email address.

    ● Wearables are the hotspot:

    If you believe wearables are to go extinct in the future, you might need to recheck the stats at which the adoption of these devices is rising. While mobile-first is the buzz in recent times, wearables are the up-and-coming devices. Hence, it will be crucial to focus on your user experience for wearable devices as well.

    When working on the user experience for wearable devices, it will be significant to reduce interruptions to a great extent. This is because the screen of wearables is relatively small. Hence, you can only fit some elements for display.

    Going forward, the contextual design will take centre stage and shed light on light-weight interactions. The UX design should have the ability to respond to a text without using any full-sized keyword.

    ● Scrollytelling is the new storytelling:

    As discussed previously, the year 2022 was the year of storytelling. After all, the engagement rates backed with effective storytelling are going through the roof. However, modern-day users are in the quest for something more interesting and sophisticated, which gives rise to scroll telling.

    All through these years, long-form content has been hailed for generating the best results for a website from the user domain, as it is considered to offer detailed information about a subject. However, the recent trends suggest that users seek something concise to digest on the way. As a result, in the future, the user experience will rely on nugget-sized yet engaging information.

    That being said, the usage of animation effects, video, imagery, and audio is going to be prevalent in the future.

    Getting to the core and into the future of user experience (UX)

    The bright side of trends is that they keep on changing.

    Well, the dark side is that trends keep on changing frequently. Does that mean that you need to constantly keep updating your UX design?

    And if that is so, how frequently should you keep up with the latest trend?

    The answer to cracking the code to achieve a perfect user experience is pretty simple.

    All UX design trends that have come and gone by narrow down to one fact-human-centricity. The UI and UX designs are created to entice and engage users. Hence, the right time to adopt a trend is not at the instant you hear about it but when you feel like you want to add value to the experience for your users.

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