Animation and Its Impact on Business

Animation has altered your customers' visual attention by integrating many stimuli and presenting them in a highly structured manner. It enables companies to explain intricate processes and procedures in an interesting and informative manner, hence facilitating consumer engagement. Learn how animation will help your business become more responsive and greatly improve its performance.
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    Animations have a universal appeal. And, with the growth in the web 3.0 space, brands are already taking the leap. They are creating animations as they have a natural and futuristic appeal. So, updating animated videos is not really a problem.

    Though the process of production is hectic, it can be a worthy investment for you. Animations are impactful. You not only get the chance to tell creative stories, but you find it much easier to transition your brand into the web 3.0 space.

    The Best Creative Video Animation Companies in 2023 are well aware of the boom in the web 3.0 industry. They’re not just growing but are helping brands build a futuristic persona.

    After reading this blog, you’ll learn:

    • What type of animation is right for your business?
    • Various types of animations.
    • How you can use kinetic typography and motion graphics to create an impact.
    • What makes a great animation? (A six-point checklist used by top animators).
    • How you can leverage animations to promote your brand.
    • What benefits do animations add to your meetings?
    • How can you engage employees with animations?
    • What are the pitfalls of animation?
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    Let's create an impact on your business with animation.

    Excited? Let’s dive in.

    Various types of animation for businesses

    Picking the right animation for your business can be overwhelming. What works for others might not work for you. Perhaps, some styles of animation are more suited to a particular niche, while others might not turn out to be fruitful at all.

    In the following section, you’ll learn about the different types of animation for business. Before you integrate animation into your campaign, you need to know which one will fit best in your strategy. There are various options you can pick to get your job done.

    You don’t have to stick to one particular format. You can choose to be flexible with what you pick. Ask yourself what style of animation is consistent with your branding and messaging.

    2D animation

    All characters or objects are styled keeping in view their height and width. These are mostly drawn on a two-dimensional plane. You may hand draw them or use computer software.

    3D animation

    For brands who want to take their animation game to the next level, enter 3D animation.

    3D animation uses computer graphic imagery (CGI). It allows you to create a three-dimensional image that not only has height and width but depth too.

    You can use 3D animation to pick your product or process to life. The style is really popular as brands can create realistic images, GIFs and much more. 3D animations are really popular for creating promotional posts.

    Hand-drawn animation

    The hand-drawn animation is probably the oldest form of animation you can find on the internet today.

    The style is not outdated, as some brands have been able to build a solid brand persona around creating hand-drawn characters, sketches, and entire scenes.

    Screen Capture animation

    Screen capture animation, as the name implies, is animating texts, scenes, and images for a recorded session. The screen recording is the same as it would be for any session.

    Including animation is the only thing that makes the difference.

    The idea of screen capture animation gives businesses the freedom to get more creative with their videos using music, colour schemes, and much more.

    If you want to create attractive explainers, then this type of animation can be perfect for you.

    Kinetic typography

    If you like telling stories with wordplays or unleashing the power of words in your message, then kinetic typography would just do perfectly.

    You can choose to animate chunks of texts or even words. You can enlarge them, minimise them or even blend them with colours to emphasise a point.

    The motion in texts portrays the idea with emotion. And, mostly, it is effective. You can see content creators already doing that on YouTube reels.

    Motion graphics

    If you love shapes and objects and want to tell stories in a creative way (without using any characters), then motion graphics might be your game.

    You can merge animated graphic design with effective copy. Brands also use motion graphics to animate their logos and bring them to life. It’s creative and eye-catching.

    What makes a great animation?

    When it comes to creating an amazing animation, there is no set formula. No, you’re not trying to impress computers. Your audience is real people. They are progressive. And so are their choices. You need to listen to them carefully to know what they want to see.

    Most would say:

    “Think out of the box”.

    Now, ideating out of the box will surely breed your creativity. It does not guarantee that your customers are going to love your animation.

    So, let’s make the job easy peasy for you.

    Here’s a checklist:

    • Create animations that inform and entertain prospects.
    • Include the emotional element that helps the viewer resonate with it.
    • Cut out the fluff (Bite-sized content works perfectly!)
    • Convey your core business values in an engaging way.
    • Deliver a message that makes the viewer think.

    Make sure the content is easier to recall (Don’t go overboard with the creative element).

    In addition to the above, as a business, you should pay close attention to how the final animation encapsulates the business.


    How can animation help promote your brand?

    In a report, Smart Insights showed that 92% of marketers believe that video is at the heart of their marketing strategy. Content creation that has sidelined videos only ends up being an inefficient process. Static images and texts are never enough.

    Animation is a lethal way to market to your audiences. Animations give you the ability to tap into a wider audience. Visuals are universally attractive.

    And there can’t be a better way to connect with your prospects than by giving them attractive visuals. The culmination of animation in any campaign not only entices employees but can charge up prospects and boost the reputation of your brand in a solid way.

    Using animation in meetings

    The benefit of using animation in meetings are plenty. You’re not just impressing your clients but also reinforcing the idea among your employees that texts or written content are never enough to convey ideas.

    There’s no better way to communicate ideas than using creative and mesmerising visuals. In fact, the use of animations can have a far greater impact than texts and graphs.

    Plus, when it comes to presenting your clients, animations not only speak volumes about your quality brand persona but also tell clients that you’re so committed to your values, products, and services that you’ve created animations to illustrate them. That’s impactful!

    Animation for employee engagement

    Animation for employee engagement is another gold nugget. Forbes recently revealed in a survey that teams that feel engaged and empowered showed 21% more productivity. While learning and development activities are fun, you need a unique approach to engaging audiences with educational content.

    Especially if you’re a remote-based team, you need to be creative. Animation can be a powerful tool to arouse interest and engagement among employees. Imagine your learning modules has bite-sized micro lessons. They are not just easier to digest but perfectly captivating as the explainer videos have animations to illustrate and hold attention. While all this can be done, most brands opt for an educational video company

    What is the downside of using animation?

    Though there are lots of benefits of animation, there is one major pitfall. Being a brand manager, you ought to be mindful of the pitfalls of animation. Producing an animation can be a time-consuming endeavour. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, then it can be really costly.

    Also, with so many steps involved in the production process, managing design and planning could be a real stretch. And, when you have the final product, revisiting it and making changes is not what you want. Plus, if you’re a business that rolls out content quite regularly, then animation might not be the best option.

    However, what’s really interesting is that animation has a futuristic appeal to it. That means you don’t have to update your content as much as you would for a promotional video made without using animation.

    Why create a promotional video without animation when you can be 10x more effective with your messaging with an animated promotional video?

    Final thoughts

    Let’s wrap this one up. Here’s a recap of what we discussed in this blog.

    Above, we discussed how you could pick the right animation for your business. We discussed various types of animations and what purpose each can serve for your branding.

    Next, we highlighted what makes an animation great. We used a 6-point checklist to pass on the hack that will help you create futuristic stuff.

    To expand on the benefits of animation, we covered how you can use it to promote your branding and engage employees and create an impact in your meetings.

    Lastly, we discussed the pitfalls of animation and what you should do when you’ve little time and a tight budget.

    Animation is a powerful tool for businesses when used in effective marketing strategies. It can successfully capture the attention of audiences and employees with engaging, distinctive, and entertaining visuals. Animation has the capacity to extend the reach of a business’s message and increase brand recognition – all it takes is a great concept to make it happen.

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