5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Through Web Design

Do you want to provide a "not just the best, but legendary" consumer experience on your website? Then learn 5 ways to improve customer experience through Web Design.
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    5 Ways to improve customer experience through web design

    In today’s ever-evolving e-Commerce age, businesses with no online presence are often left behind. As part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy, every aspect of your website must serve a purpose. From usability to visuals, every website element is crucial to providing a powerful customer experience.

    Providing an exceptional customer experience should be a priority when designing a website. Samuel Moore Walton, the founder of retail giant Walmart, had zeroed in on the significance of customer service when he said, “The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

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    Providing a Legendary Customer Experience Through Web Design

    To ensure you provide visitors with a customer experience that’s nothing short of legendary, keep the following web design basics in mind:

    Web Design Tip #01: Figure Out Your Brand's Personality

    Figuring out your brand’s personality is no walk in the park. However, you must determine your brand’s unique personality, so you can create a web design that truly highlights what your brand is all about. It’s also easier to create a visually appealing and functional website when you have your brand identity all figured out.

    Determine your brand’s personality by asking yourself the following questions:

    • What makes your brand unique?
    • What can you offer that’s different from others?
    • Who are the people you are targeting?

    The answers to those basic questions can give you an idea about the perfect design for your website.

    Web Design Tip #02: Make Sure You Have an Engaging Homepage

    Some studies indicate that you only have eight short seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. This means you also only have eight seconds to highlight what makes your brand stand out and impress your visitors so they will be enticed to purchase from you.

    If your website design is not appealing, your visitors might not even bother to check out what you are offering. To create a good first impression and entice your website visitors to explore your website, keep the following in mind:

    customer experience
    • Make sure you have a clean and uncluttered layout, and your brand is placed front and centre.
    • Integrate visuals using bold and attractive typography. It is also important that your visuals display well on desktops and mobile devices.
    • Be mindful of the colours you are using. Remember that colours can have a psychological impact on your visitors.

    Understandably, there are many changes you can make to your homepage that can help ensure your visitors will have a great customer experience. Consider using the tips above as great starting points.

    Web Design Tip #03: Ensure Visitors Can Easily Find What They Are Looking For

    While the way your website is presented is important, it is not the only element you should consider. Your website’s usability is another critical component you should consider if you want to provide exceptional customer service to your visitors.

    Enhance online customer experience by giving attention to the following key elements:

    • Ideally, the navigation of your website should be easy and intuitive. If the design of your website leaves customers confused and frustrated, you are bound to lose them sooner or later. When it comes to navigation, your main focus should be clarity. In other words, when visitors explore your site menu, they should be able to easily figure out how it is organised and what links to follow to get the information they are looking for.
    • Content organisation. Most visitors will just scan websites when they are looking for information. That said, it is recommended that you make your product categories, announcements, and headlines easy to find. More importantly, they should be easy to read.

    “The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”
    Samuel M. Walton

    Web Design Tip #04: Establish an Emotional Connection

    Aside from being an extremely powerful marketing tool, your website can also help you establish authority and credibility. At its core, your website design should help your brand build a compelling emotional connection with your visitors.

    Undeniably, it would be easier for people to trust brands with functional, visually appealing, and professional websites. Once you can earn people’s trust, it also becomes easier to convince them to explore your website more or purchase the products or services you are offering.

    Web Design Tip #05: Ensure the Online Experience Is Accessible Everywhere

    Mobile has grown by leaps and bounds, and this trend has not shown any signs of slowing down through the years. This would mean you can no longer afford to overlook those who access your website through their mobile phones and other devices.

    Fortunately, this is where responsive web design comes in. Responsive web design is the standard customers used to judge and measure their experience on your website. Your website should easily adjust to any screen size, from your product pages to your rewards program.

    responsive web designMoreover, it should also look good and function accordingly, regardless of the device used. Another key element impacting your accessibility and search engine rank is load time. Nowadays, most people don’t have the patience to wait for slow-loading pages to load fully.

    If your website’s loading time is more than five seconds, your visitors will often leave and look for information elsewhere.

    Final Thoughts

    Once you gain a better understanding and insight into the impact of web design on customer experience, it becomes easier for you to make the needed tweaks to ensure every visitor’s customer experience is a legendary one.

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