7 Easy Tips for Effective SEO Content Writing

Effective SEO content writing is critical to your online marketing efforts. It improves your ranking on search engines, resulting in more visits and sales.
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    Let's see why our websites need effective SEO content writing

    If you’re building a website, one of your main priorities should be to write engaging and intriguing SEO content for it. Search engines are looking for content that informs, educates, and solves users’ problems. Their major purpose is to improve the user’s entire experience.

    The primary goal of effective SEO content writing is to display high-quality, keyword-focused content that will inform, educate and solve a problem for the users.

    As a result, the content writing has a better chance of ranking well in search engines and, at the same time, generating organic traffic to the website page or blog because both parties (the machine and the human searcher) will find what they are looking for.


    Your website’s content is one of the most important success criteria.

    Here are 7 easy tips you should follow when creating effective SEO content writing to make your information appeal to your potential clients and simultaneously enhance your SEO efforts.  

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    7 Easy Tips For Effective SEO Content Writing

    1. In SEO, page speed is a crucial component

    The time it takes for content on a webpage to load is page speed. Please don’t confuse it with site speed, the average loading time of multiple sample pages on a specific website. Page speed measures the time it takes for a single webpage to load.

    Measuring loading speed is an essential indicator since it helps you see how visitors interact with and experience the webpage. If your pages aren’t loading as quickly as you’d like, that waiting period will not only turn off visitors but will also harm your site’s SEO rating.

    Higher search engine rankings are associated with faster loading times. To evaluate your page speed score, you can use Google’s Page Insights.

    The first step to improving page speed is to optimise your site’s code, removing things that slow it down, reducing file sizes, and using smaller images. Learn a bit more about Page Speed in this article.

    2. Link to relevant content on other websites or blogs

    Link building, the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own, is vital for boosting organic traffic through search engines, and it still is an essential aspect of any successful SEO plan.

    It would be best if you used a variety of link-building strategies to boost your authority and your chances of ranking well in organic search. This way, you would be noticed online, and other companies might find value in your site and want to link to it.

    Search engines use links to find new pages, extract their content, and add the pages to their search results, determining whether the content is of sufficient quality to rank well for specific relevant keywords.

    3. Backlinks, when another website links back to yours

    Backlinks links, also called inbound links, are one of the most significant aspects of search engine optimisation since Google considers them a signal of high-quality content (SEO). Now we are looking at the opposite of link building; it’s, we could say, the other side of the game. Before, you were linking to other websites, and now, other websites will want to link to you since you are a source of high-quality material worth linking to.♥

    Backlinks will drive traffic to your site because if someone links to your site in their blog, their viewers might want to investigate the source. Inbound links also indicate to search engines that you are an expert on the topic the searcher is looking for.

    Have a look at this quick 8-minute SEO copywriting video from HubSpot Marketing (“How to Use Backlinks for better Ranking”) as an introduction. There is a lot to learn about how to build backlinks. So, let’s start.

    Play Video about backlinks You Tube video

    4. SEO Copywriting

    SEO Copywriting is the practice of creating keyword-optimised text that appeals to both human users and search engine algorithms. Too many long words in this definition?

    It means you should create content that will help someone before you think of Google and other search engines, but not forget them! It’s a tricky balancing act.

    Before writing an article, you should conduct research and identify relevant keywords for the article’s topic, determine what would be the searcher’s goal and confirm that the intent applies to the keywords you selected.

    Keywords are, in effect, getting into your potential client’s minds. You need to understand their concerns, pain points, the questions they are trying to answer. Learn how to use Google Keyword Planner, a free tool to find new words related to your business and the traffic they receive. Learn your potential client’s language and voice search.

    baby typing a computer and saying Google itIf you want to learn how to write website content for people and search engines to rank in Google’s pages positively, read this article. Excellent websites have impeccable UX, high security, in addition a well-written SEO content targeted to attract and engage the audience.

    5. A meta description that is well-written

    Meta description is an HTML tag used to describe a particular article or page on your website. It provides a brief and accurate explanation of your page.

    It’s, actually, the first thing your client will see because Google shows it beneath your page’s title in the search engine. A well-written meta description has the power to convince the viewer to go to your page. Search engines use meta descriptions to help identify the a page’s topic.

    Each page must have its own meta description, never duplicated from another page. I use Yoast Plugins on my websites on WordPress.

    This plugin makes it simple to create a 155-character meta description and gives a preview of how it will appear in Google. This is just one tool; there are several other meta description checkers online to help you develop the best meta descriptions.

    6. Optimise your images for SEO

    Images are an important part of the content. High-quality content writing must be combined with high-quality images and graphics. Images are crucial to appeal to and engage the users, and they are also vital for SEO because they give search engines essential contextual information. To provide better information to users, use the proper keywords in the image titles and associated text.

    And also, optimised images speed up page loading (see item 1 of this list). Optimised images boost user engagement and search engine rankings by speeding up page loading.

    Google image optimisation best practises to improve the user experience:

    Create a great user experience

    To boost your content’s visibility in Google Images, focus on the user by providing a great user experience: make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Here are some tips:

    Provide good context: Make sure that your visual content is relevant to the topic of the page. We suggest that you display images only where they add original value to the page. We particularly discourage pages where neither the images nor the text are original content.

    Optimise placement: Whenever possible, place images near relevant text. When it makes sense, consider placing the most important image near the top of the page.

    Don’t embed important text inside images: Avoid embedding text in images, especially important text elements like page headings and menu items, because not all users can access them (and page translation tools won’t work on images). To ensure maximum accessibility of your content, keep text in HTML, provide alt text for images.

    Create informative and high-quality sites: Good content on your webpage is just as important as visual content for Google Images – it provides context and makes the result more actionable. Page content may be used to generate a text snippet for the image, and Google considers the page content quality when ranking images.


    snippet example

    Create device-friendly sites: Users search on Google Images more from mobile than from desktop. For this reason, it is important that you design your site for all device types and sizes. Use the Mobile-Friendly Test to test how well your pages work on mobile devices, and get feedback on what needs to be fixed.

    Create good URL structure for your images: Google uses the URL path as well as the file name to help it understand your images. Consider organising your image content so that URLs are constructed logically.

    There are several free and paid image optimisation tools and plugins for image compression. They will shrink JPEG, GIF and PNG images to the minimum size possible while keeping the level of quality.

    7. Create Unique Content consistently

    Unique content needs to be original and not duplicated. Cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. When studying a topic, it’s good to use various sources to understand better and gain a broader view of the subject. Make use of your own style and structure.

    Avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content is when the same content is published on another website or blog. Google takes duplicate material very seriously. Have a look at their document “Avoid Creating Duplicate Content” to see how important it is to use unique content all the time.

    Final Thoughts

    That’s it. Now you know the 7 easy tips for effective content writing. You are ready to start writing effective SEO content showing high-quality keyword-focused content that will inform, educate and solve a problem for the users.

    Keep practising. SEO content writing demands practice and experience. You’ll improve your writing skills as you write more. Words will come more quickly to your mind.

    Don’t forget that great content is the key to your successful digital marketing campaigns.

    It’s time to get to work on those big ideas and turn them into an original, well-researched piece with relevant information to help your potential client reach a solution.

    Your website is crucial to the growth of your company. If you feel unable to get your intended results in writing your pages or blogs or are too busy running your business, hire a professional. They’ll know how to create SEO content with the goal and purpose you’re looking for.

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