Instagram Marketing Strategies That Work in 2023

Instagram is one of your business's most effective social media marketing strategies. You can increase brand recognition and sales, as well as develop and track audience engagement. Find your customers where they are already spending their time and reap the benefits for your business.
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Are you thinking about developing your social media strategy for 2023? There are a lot of platforms out there to choose from. You should consider using Instagram as part of that social media plan.

We’re here to help you with some of the best strategies that you can use to help you make 2023 the best year for you and your business. You can also enroll in insurance training programs.

Instagram Marketing Strategies that work in 2023

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Post at a good time

When it comes to posting, you don’t want to do it at just any time. There are certain hours of the day where people will likely be using Instagram and your post will make its way in front of them. While you might get some different results from doing research, generally, the best time to put up a photo is in the late morning in the middle of the week. As far as Instagram Reels go, you can put them up anywhere from 9 a.m. to noon from Monday through Thursday.

You want to find the best time for you, though. Look at your analytics and see who is checking out your posts the most at a certain hour and then try to post consistently around that time frame. If you do this consistently, then people will also start anticipating that you’re going to post something new on a certain day and try to check your profile then. This is a great way to build a long-term audience.

Talk with your Followers

You want to make this whole Instagram experience be a two-way street. Don’t just talk at your followers and make them feel like they are just seen as numbers. Instead, you want to make it a true engagement.

That means you should answer any questions that they have about you or your brand. You could also talk about everyday things … but be careful and don’t veer off into things like politics, unless you are already known for being outspoken. Basically, your goal should be for your followers to see your account as something that’s run by humans, not marketers.

Schedule posts in advance

One way that you can make sure that your posts go out on time is to schedule them in advance. When you think ahead, it can help you make much more polished content instead of the ones that seem like they were created by the seat of your pants. You can sit down with your creative team and write scripts and other things so you can film at a certain time and then spend time editing and tweaking certain aspects of the post.

Then you can schedule the post to go out at the optimal times, which will make your followers appreciate the consistency. Reliability is one way to keep a sustained audience. If you do this on a regular basis, you will find that your quality goes up. 

Check your Analytics

There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to look at how your posts are doing compared to other similar platforms. You could see how a Reel is doing compared to something similar on TikTok, for example. Then you could make changes that would help future posts do better.

You should make use of these tools, because there’s a lot of important data that can be found in each post. If you see that a certain type of post is doing well, then you can make similar ones for later popular results. It’s just a matter of using what is offered to you – whether it’s free or from a paid service.

Save your best stories and posts

Instagram has a feature that lets you save your best photo posts as pins and your best Reels as Highlights. That way, you can make sure that people will see them, no matter the time of year. Their eyes will be drawn to the pinned posts so they can see what you consider to be your best social media work.

Other things you can do is to use trending sounds and adding text to your Reels. This way, you can show that you pay attention to what certain trends are getting people’s attention.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you create posts that get people following you … and then they sort their posts under “following” so that they won’t have to worry as much about the whims of the Instagram algorithm. Then it’s going to be up to you to post content that makes them want to see what you’re going to do next.

Tacking your Instagram strategy further

Instagram is still a very viable way to market yourself on social media. You just need to tailor your posts for it – that way people will not be turned off if they see the same thing on Twitter or TikTok. Since Facebook/Meta owns Instagram, it wouldn’t be as bad to just re-run something on there.

By following the above steps, you will have a viable social media plan for using Instagram. It’s just up to you to execute it. Then you can enjoy success in part by doing this.

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