Tips to Create Captivating Instagram Videos

Instagram facilitates the users’ engagement, helping them to promote their firm’s products or services while strengthening their social media presence. Videos uploaded to this popular social media site receive 38% more views. Do you need additional incentives? Then read the post to find out how Instagram creators can help you in making truly captivating videos.
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    Learn to create stunning Instagram videos

    When it comes to the list of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram’s name stands at the very top. With over a billion active users, Instagram is a social media platform that is immensely popular in all parts of the globe. 

    Users use the top-tier platform to share updates about their lives, post pictures, upload videos of different categories, etc. Out of all the multimedia mediums supported on the platforms, videos on the platform enjoy the most engagement and traction. As per RenderForest, Instagram videos facilitate users in improving their page’s engagement, help them in promoting their company or firm’s products and services, and enhance their social media presence.

    As per statistical figures, the videos uploaded on the popular social media site experience over 38% more engagement as compared to pictures. Due to the traction and reach videos enjoy on Instagram, many content creators on Instagram make and upload videos. However, to ensure that their videos stand out and gain more traction than others, there are numerous tips, and tricks creators should keep in mind. 

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    This article will shed light on how Instagram creators can create truly captivating videos. Let us dive right into it:

    ● Strive to create videos which have top-notch quality

    One of the most efficient methods of creating videos that fare well with the Instagram audience is to ensure that the video has top-tier quality. Doing so will motivate your followers to like the video, comment on it and share it with others, which in turn will enhance your video’s reach.

    Making good quality videos does not necessarily require an expensive video camera with over-the-top specifications. You can conveniently create good videos if you have a good smartphone with a nice camera system. Moreover, you can further enhance the quality of your videos by adjusting the camera app’s settings. Besides this, there are other fundamental things you need to keep in order to improve your video’s quality. Here are some of them:

    Ensure the video has stability

    No one likes watching a video that shakes a lot, i.e., does not have proper stabilization. Hence, when shooting an IG video, ensure that you take steady shots and prevent the camera from shaking too much.

    Take references from other Instagram videos

    Different creators have different techniques when shooting Instagram videos. Hence, if you wish to create an outstanding video, refer to similar videos made by other creators. You may come across a technique or trick that will help you better your video’s quality.

    One of the first steps involved in the reference-taking and examining process is downloading the Instagram video, which you think will help you with your video. Even though Instagram does not feature an official download button, there are numerous ways following which you can download Instagram videos without hassle. For starters, you can download and use Pulltube, a highly secure video-downloading app that works exceptionally well when downloading Instagram videos.

    Besides this, you can also download Instagram videos using their source codes. To know more about how to download Instagram videos, visit

    Take care of the lighting

    Whether you are shooting a video or clicking a picture, lighting plays a crucial, role in both cases. When shooting a video for your Instagram account, ensure that it has proper lighting. For example, if you are shooting outdoors, try shooting it during the golden hour (in photography, the golden hour is just after dawn or before sunset, when daylight is redder and softer), as it is the best time of the day for shooting.

    ● Upload subtitles for your Instagram videos

    Even though most users watch Instagram videos with the volumes on, there are instances when turning up the volume may not be an option. Hence, whenever you shoot a video for Instagram, ensure that you add subtitles to it before finally uploading it to your account.

    Videos with subtitles help grab viewers’ attention quickly and facilitate them to understand the video’s context even when the volume is turned down. Ensure to keep the captions short since seeing too much text on the screen might prevent viewers from being fully attentive. However, you can create dynamic effects if the visuals suit your content and add more charm to it.

    ● Pick the right thumbnail

    Instagram is the platform where millions of users scroll continuously through their feeds and stop only when they find an interesting thumbnail that captures their attention. Hence, it is very important for creators to choose an exciting thumbnail for their Instagram videos since it plays a crucial role in attracting viewers.

    Instagram also allows users to select an image from the video itself and use it as a thumbnail. Hence, if you find a suitable moment in your Instagram video which you think you can use as a thumbnail, use it to enhance the video’s overall appeal.

    Making the most of Instagram videos

    Many new users join Instagram daily to create content or browse through it. If you are part of the former category, follow the tips mentioned above to create top-tier Instagram videos.

    Are you ready to create Something Spectacular?

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