A professional, well-designed logo builds trust. A logo is a combination of visual imagery and text to tell people the name of the company and create a symbol to represent a business. Remember that our society is visual and imagery has a symbolic association within people’s memory.

Real big companies do not even need to write their names into their logos – their image is so familiar that people recognise that those symbols represent them. Think of McDonald’s, Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Nike, and so on.

Your small growing business needs trust and recognition. Therefore, a well-designed logo will be an important part of it.

Audi logo in building
Audi Source: Photo by Dom J from Pexels

What Should Your Logo Contain?

Text super clear and readable as part of your logo

The name of your company must be clear and easy to read at a distance. Remember it will appear in car signages, buildings, posters as well as in business cards and letterheads.

The design must be consistent

In other words, there must be guidance on different variations of the same logo according to where they will appear and how they will be used. Consistency is essential in this visual/textual design because it is so closely related to the brand structure.

Sharon McCutcheon palette colours
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

A simple palette of three colours

As mentioned before, logos normally appear on screens, business cards, letterheads, banners, car signages, shop signages, packaging, newspaper ads, websites, mobile ads, and several other communication alternatives. Their colour, details, content, illustrations will look different in all those vehicles as they all use different printing techniques. That is why we prefer to use a simple palette of three or four main solid colours rather than gradients.

Be visual and memorable

For instance, you can use something memorable about your company, interesting texts or an illustrated icon alongside the text part of the logo. Ideas are infinite and originality is crucial.

So Many Ideas, How Do I Choose The Right Logo?

There are many logo ideas to choose from. An important question to answer precisely it that the logo must be suitable for you. Bigger companies like Coca Cola can rely on using just a logotype as their brands are famous, but smaller companies should use a logo mark to build their brand. Your logo mark can be an abstract mark or text that suits your brand. Or a solidly defined illustration. It depends on your personality, and the message you wish to convey.

We advise using a simple design that viewers find appealing. But simplicity does not mean your logo will be an ordinary logo. Instead, it will have the power to generate interest from the viewers. Think of the logo from FedEx. It is simple but the typography used has the F and the E in the same space and an arrow between the E and the x, which connotes precision, speed and direction.

How Do You Get The Best Logo For Your Business?

You don’t need to spend thousands on logo design. A good designer will need to talk to you and get to know your business to be able to provide excellent options that will improve your brand and help you develop your business in the market. One thing to remember is that your logo should be simple and ensure a unique design to convey your brand message with colours and fonts strategically placed to impress your audience.

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