High-quality graphic design is an effective communication technique designed to help your clients. Many factors such as colours, shapes, fonts, forms, photographs, graphics, diagrams, share to the community who your company is in a powerful way. Graphic design is an important part of marketing. And a key component of content marketing. It is much more than just pictures! It is the art of communication that delivers a solution to problems through imagery. In our visual society, this is crucial to engage customers in an effective process to guide them to your intended message.


Visual Strategic Content

Several visual strategic elements like Call to Action, such as clicking a link or leaving a comment, or an Infographic, which transmits information through visual imagery or even a Blog Post Graphic, that attracts the readers attention, will appeal to the reader to continue reading and have a positive experience and share your content with others. Those graphic design elements need to be integrated into your content marketing to allow further interaction with your prospective customer or visitors.

Red Coca cola ad Photo by negative Space by Pexels
London Advertsing. Source: Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

The Four P’s of Content Marketing

Plan – An excellent graphic designer can work with you across your marketing needs to create a global content marketing strategy that aligns target audiences, key success metrics and strategic editorial topics with your business objectives. It is important that the types of graphic design you may require whether it is websites, print media, digital media or packing design provide alignment between your objectives and your strategy.

Produce – Graphic and visual elements using different formats to address the target audience’s pain points, desires, and challenges to help the business to optimise its continuous content production.

Promote – In the market-driven content distribution process in advertisements and social media with optimal frequency in targeted channels the professional design skills to show off your business in the best light possible is essential.

Perfect – It is to continuously optimise and measure the impact of marketing as part of the ongoing feedback loop. Businesses that make use of competent graphic designers get a much better response from their target audience as graphics and texts are professionally combined to help clarify and reinforce the messages.

Here in Moss51 Art & Design, we try to use our artist skills utilising the latest computer technologies like the fantastic Adobe InDesign CC plus other audiovisual technologies and multimedia techniques to produce engaging marketing material that helps to convey the promotional marketing idea.

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Cidinha Moss