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Graphic Design

Gestalt Theory for Computer Screen Designs

The psychological theories of Gestalt Principles are one of the foundations of screen design to improve visual form. Learn how to visually organise each individual element from the environment into structure fields to produce a finished figure the viewer can understand.

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Graphic Design

Principle of Relationships in the Gestalt Theory

All images don’t have the same meaning to us. On a computer screen you’ll interpret them based on their relationships to each other. Learn the Gestalt Principle of Relationships to design a better-balanced structure and communicate more effectively with the viewers.

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Graphic Design

Why Branding Is Important to Graphic Designers

Branding’s power is derived from the mentality that underpins marketing practice. Graphic designers aid in the establishment of your company’s image and the improvement of your marketing campaign by generating a sense of harmony and cohesion.

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Should I Be a Graphic Designer?

Effective Graphic Design is a key function in digital marketing to genuinely make a brand stand out and engage with customers. Develop graphics and layouts, company logos, websites, and lots more. Learn if you have the skills to this really versatile job.

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