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Regular readers will already know that we have a soft spot in our hearts for graphic illustration – a powerful tool for visual communication. Especially in bundles! Master Bundles can help you sell your quality graphics, whether you're a creative designer starting out or an established graphic designer expanding into new industries. A great marketplace to buy or sell several products, provide information, and inspire action. Overall, a big thumbs up.
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    Using products from MasterBundles: What items can you find there?

    The graphic design industry is developing very fast and thanks to marketplace services, users can access quality elements without much difficulty. One such worthwhile portal is Master Bundles, which is not only the perfect place to sell the work of emerging designers but also does an excellent job of customer service.

    On their site, you can find a large assortment of worthy products for various purposes — and this will be the main topic of the overview!

    MasterBundles: What`s it & who can use it?

    MasterBundles itself is a convenient and intuitive graphic design marketplace where you can easily sell and buy various objects. There are graphic elements, fonts, templates, UI kits, and plugins for various editors, and, of course, a lot of stock content.

    The main feature of the platform is the presence of bundles — sets that combine thematic products and are more cost-effective than purchasing designs separately. Also, you can find a lot of freebies that will allow you to get acquainted with the work of the vendor at no cost.

    The marketplace will serve as an ideal platform for those who constantly work with visuals, for example:

    • designers who do not want to spend time creating certain elements and simply want to purchase ready-made small details;
    • marketers and SMM specialists who need ASAP design and are looking for a ready-made template that can be quickly and easily customised to fit a particular brand or company;
    • crafters who just take ready-made SVGs and make products with prints (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoppers, and so on);
    • small business owners who need to test certain hypotheses.
    Thus, if a customer quickly needs certain design elements, a brand presentation template or an original font, there is no need to waste time looking for a designer and waiting for the product to be created — everyone can just pay attention to the marketplace and choose a ready-made option at an affordable price.
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    Important MasterBundles benefits

    Users who decide to become buyers on the site of this marketplace can enjoy the numerous benefits of the platform:

    1. Decent range. Currently, the site has 5 main categories, 25+ subcategories, and 20000+ bundles. In addition, the number of vendors and presented products is growing every year, so here you can find designs for every taste, any price and for any project.
    2. High product customisation. Most vendors try to make their designs customisable so that users can adapt them as needed. As a rule, the customer can change colours and fonts, as well as the visual.
    3. Availability of prices. The main focus of the marketplace is aimed at bundles, which are considered discounted products. Often, clients can purchase a fairly large bundle (for example, 1000+ fonts or 100+ presentation templates) at an extremely low price.
    4. Convenient site navigation. With detailed categorization, customers can explore the search and quickly find the right product.
    5. Informative blog. In this section, users are able to find listicles with current products, informational posts, trend tips and much more.

    And, of course, do not forget about the large number of free products.

    Exploring Main Categories

    Upon entering the main site, the client can see the main categories immediately below the search bar located in the middle of the screen.

    Graphic Design Elements

    The very first tab is Graphic Design Elements. It has several sub-categories which include icons, illustrations, patterns, logo badges, textures, backgrounds, infographics, and other sections. Some of them have even more detailed divisions: for example, by topic (like illustrations or t-shirts) or by style (like icons, patterns, or textures).

    Fonts and Font Bundles

    In the second category, you can find Fonts & Font Bundles that are divided into five groups:
    • sans serif (classic, handwritten, monospaced, outline, weak);
    • serif (classic, handwritten, monospace, outline, retro, weak);
    • script (brush, tattoo, fancy, antique, calligraphic);
    • display (script, modern, pixel, retro);
    • symbol.

    By selecting a specific category, the customer can optionally use a filter for a narrower search, too.


    The third category is dedicated to plugins for various visual content editors. Three main tabs have useful add-ons for Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Design Templates

    Design Templates is the fourth of the popular categories where users can find over 5000 different designs for certificates, emails, landing pages, magazines, mockups, resumes, social media, UI kits.

    The most popular subcategory is presentation templates — currently, there are 2600+ designs available to customers for PowerPoint (1785), KeyNote (738), and GoogleSlides (700). If the user needs to find slides for a specific topic (eg cooking, fashion, or travel), then this is easy due to the large assortment. You can also search for themes by colour if that’s important. On the other hand, most templates support customisation and you can add any colours there after purchasing.

    Stock Content Images

    And finally, the last tab allows casters to explore and select the right Stock Content Images & Photos! There are four subcategories: audio, footage, photo, and image vector.

    Becoming a Buyer

    If time is a priority for you, then you can find the products you need, add them to your cart and pay without even registering. And if you don’t mind receiving newsletters with the best designs and promo codes from the marketplace, then you can go through a quick registration, and select the “Buyer” role for the subsequent search for ideal designs. By the way, customers can combine this role with an Affiliate if they want to get paid for sharing other designs as well!

    A couple of final words

    In general, this marketplace is worth the attention of anyone who constantly has to work with visuals and look for ready-made designs or small details. Thanks to categorisation, finding the perfect graphic product is not difficult — just use filters, choose splendid products or bundles at an attractive price, pay for them and then download. And don’t forget to try some cool freebies!

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