What Will Be Trendy in Graphic Design in 2023

In 2023, the most prominent trends in graphics will involve combining 2D and 3D elements to make a new creative genre that sets brands apart and shows how forward-thinking they are. This article explores what will be trendy in graphic design and what is expected to be significant and innovative in the coming year of 2023.
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    Impetuous 2022 is coming to an end, so it’s exactly the time to think of the new coming trends that 2023 will bring to the world’s industry of graphic art and illustration.

    When evaluating the occurrence frequency of various elements of visual art and layout and its tendencies we recommend turning to digital marketing and web design. These spheres are always the pioneers of innovative solutions.

    How can designers and illustrators quickly and easily inspect all the popular and growing trends in the industry to always keep up to date? Just by visiting any of the graphic design marketplaces like MasterBundles, for example, where the most sought-after templates, fonts, illustrations, and stock content are gathered on one resource to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. As such resources give a real picture of top picks by using download statistics.

    And of course, you can spend some time looking through the industry’s magazines, and blogs, visiting professional conferences and other events on graphic design to gather information bit by bit.

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    Top 7 significant trends in graphic design in 2023

    Watching world-known brands integrating similar ideas helps to reveal what works in the art of graphics now as you build and nurture your target audience. So, these are the extensive tendencies you should take into account creating illustrations in 2023:

    • Bringing elements and characters to both 2D & 3D formats
    • Visualizing interactive data
    • Choosing coloured backgrounds
    • Using geometric shapes
    • Experimenting with typefaces
    • Referring to 90s stylistics
    • Texturizing your work.

    Now we are going to paint a portrait of each point from the list to direct you into the world of creative pragmatism of graphic art in 2023.

    1. Two- and three-dimensional elements, characters, and typography

    Recently, 3D graphics have conquered the Internet, making it possible to pop up right from the page and gain attention instantly.

    The merge of 2D is living a renaissance at present. And 3D gives an opportunity to create that kind of image with extra depth and spontaneity while being practical and understandable.

    The complex 2D and 3D elements form a new creative genre that helps brands to stand out and emphasize their modern-focus philosophy.

    2. Interactive data visualization

    The rise of infographics isn’t a new trend. Now you can see it in almost every field of life: from marketing to TV news, from healthcare to education. And there are a lot of really bad infographics online today, but still, it’s a helpful way of demonstrating the data.

    The tendency now is to make a visualization fun and engaging. It’s not about using graphs and icons to depict numbers. Create an amusing form, and a funny context, and take it to the next level! Using the ironical approach you can make your infographics viral.

    3. Bold backgrounds

    The long era of muted and pastel colours seems to come to an end. The new tendency in digital graphics is to use bright vivid colours for backgrounds, so the whole picture is very noticeable online

    The way you use colours is important not just to make elements or texts colourful in your design, but to stand out with contrast. Abstract backgrounds work well in this case. To see some effective examples of trendy premium backgrounds, browse the websites of world-known design-dedicated companies. These websites will allow you to download any background you desire.

    4. Geometry in shapes

    Clean shapes and minimalistic designs continue to rock both in business and customer segments as they look highly professional and laconic. Geometrical shapes create a feeling of reliability and stability which is very valuable for the business sector

    5. Experimental typography

    Adding graphics to your font is fun, especially if you design posters for entertainment niches (like movies, computer games, and TV shows). A great example illustrating experimental graphic font is a poster for the Squid Game series.

    Creating your special typography helps to picture an atmosphere, and to tell about the style of the project with no words, just graphics.

    In the year 2023, serif fonts are making a comeback. More classic and elegant, serif fonts work well for branding when it comes to working with high-end products and drawing logos. And there are going to be non-traditional serif fonts to add uniqueness and perkiness to immediately stand out.

    6. 90s stylistics nostalgia

    Old ideas are recycling too! Creative symbols of the 90s will be useful again. Grabbing attention, geometrical or hand-drawn, bright and loud – this is the aesthetic of lots of Millenials, who are now feeling nostalgic about their childhood and teen years.

    The typography of the 90s includes childlike playful fonts (remember Comic Sans?) which offer us not to take everything too seriously. The warmth and friendliness of the 90s epoch are perfectly integrated into contemporary graphic design, making it understandable from a half-word.

    7. Textures in digital art

    Now we’re starting to see more texture features added to the designs. It gives a high level of depth and detail to the illustrations. Also, helps to create an effect of movement. And if you are looking for a vintage effect, try adding grain and noise. Keeping it modern you’ll reach your retro goals easily this way.

    The unique feature of texture is the ability to fill the design with a tactile quality, which is very eye-catching and engaging. Imagine how realistic a digital drawing looks with a background of rough craft paper!

    To Sum Up

    Staying up-to-date in the field of graphic design is crucial because there’s no other sphere that depends on modern trends so much (just like fashion). As a designer, you should aim to create aesthetically pleasing and functional final products that meet the expectations of your intended audience.

    Continue to go bold, use bright colours and backgrounds, and experiment with shapes and typography. Now it’s not the time for pastel designs, but the time to explode with modern ideas mixing them with retro-futuristic vibes.

    Create your mix of 3D and 2D elements to stand out. And use texture effects for a tactile feeling where it’s appropriate (it doesn’t have to be only in a background).

    When visualizing data, add a pinch of humour to the elements, infographics now really need to be fun!

    We hope that most of the points from this article will become your favourite features to use in graphic design in 2023.

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