How Helps the Blogger to Detect Plagiarism in Blogs? uses smart database tools to look for similarities between your content and other texts on the web. displays a percentage of similarity, underlines instances of plagiarism, and cites the sources. Learn how, the most effective online plagiarism checker, delivers accurate results quickly.
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    Plagiarism is one of the major problems occurring in the blogging world. Your blog website requires your attention now more than ever. The reason is pretty understandable; the fierce competition among websites.

    So, if you are doing everything you can and still not getting organic traffic on your blog, it could be due to the quality of your content. Duplicate ideas in your blog content will undo all your hard work.

    Moreover, duplicate content lowers your website’s ranking, which makes it harder to get more traffic. Often, content writers and bloggers don’t have enough time for scanning their work before publishing which causes them to plagiarise.

    Fret not! We got you a solution. is one of the best tools that scan your content and detect the copied material.

    By using, you can detect plagiarism in your content quickly and easily. In this article, we will guide you on how you can detect plagiarism using the best plagiarism checker and ensure 100 per cent original content for your blogs.

    So, what is actually, and how it helps you detect plagiarism, let’s find out below.

    What is

    As the name indicates, is an AI-based plagiarism checker made to identify plagiarism in the content while offering auto paraphrasing and citation to fix it.

    It uses state-of-the-art deep search technology to inspect duplicate content by comparing it with billions of online web pages. It only takes a few seconds to prepare the data to find plagiarism in your content.

    With hundreds of other plagiarism checkers available online, it stands out for its ultra-fast speed and accurate and colour-grade feedback. Unique content is coloured green, whereas plagiarized content is coloured red, making result comprehension much easier.

    The top-drawer feature of is that it is capable of checking 1000 words at once so it might be the best tool for bloggers or everyone who needs a smart, free, and accurate plagiarism checker.

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    Deep search technology

    As the tool utilises deep search technology, it does not only detect similar terms and phrases but also performs contextual analysis to provide high accuracy in results. Said that it can detect content written by spinning tools.

    Comprehensive results in percentage

    The detailed scan report with the percentage of original and duplicate content provides you with information on where your content has been used and how similar content has been published online.

    Colour grade feedback

    Colour-graded results simplify the process of spotting plagiarized phrases and sentences in your content. It marks with a green highlight for unique content and a red highlight for plagiarised lines.


    With its API integrations, you can automatically scan your website for duplicate content. As a result of the API, you will be able to filter results and generate full reports in a matter of minutes.

    Unlimited free usage

    The best thing about the tool that makes it an exceptional tool is offering unlimited free usage. You can check 1000 words at once through this tool which is adequate for content writers, bloggers, and students to check their work at once.

    How to use for plagiarism detection?

    Now that, you are familiar with the top-notch features of, let me walk you through the process to use it for checking plagiarism in your content.

    This walkthrough will help you use this fantastic plagiarism-checking tool without any fuss or failure.

    Upon opening the website, you will land on its homepage and see the tool where you can enter the text.

    You can enter text here by copying and pasting it directly into the input box. Once the text is pasted, you have the button at the bottom which reads “Check Plagiarism’’.

    Once you click on it, the tool will analyse the content to determine if it is plagiarised. No matter how long an article is, it will only take a few seconds to check for plagiarism.

    Here is the plagiarism report you will see once has finished its detection.

    You will get a comprehensive plagiarism report as you can see in the above screenshot which reads as 14% of plagiarised and 86% unique content.

    When you click on the highlighted plagiarised sentences, you can see the original source of the material from where you may have taken the idea.

    That’s how easy it is to check plagiarism with this best plagiarism checker. Its clean and straightforward interface will surely appeal to you.

    Simply open the website, paste the text, and check for plagiarism without spending money or much effort. pros & cons

    The following is an unbiased list of the pros and cons of

    What I like about

    • Easy to use and very simple.
    • This software detects plagiarism very accurately.
    • The colour-coded reports make it easy to navigate.
    • Can access the matched sources in a single click.
    • Content submitted to its library is not stored. Save and secure.
    • It is free to use.

    What I don’t like about

    • The free plan offers you to only check 1000 words at once. For long-form articles, you have to use this tool repeatedly.
    • It offers only a web-based plagiarism checker tool with no desktop or mobile app.


    You already know that plagiarism is the act of copying or stealing someone else’s ideas, words, artwork, and other creative expressions. A blog post is a great way for bloggers to get their reader’s attention once again.

    While building an impressive profile with high-quality content on your website, you must keep in mind that you should avoid plagiarism in all cases.

    This is where might be helpful. It is an online plagiarism checker that checks for every type of duplicate content for free and ensures you are delivering only unique ideas to your audience.

    Are you ready to create Something Spectacular?

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    We specialise in writing trustworthy website content for web pages and blogs.

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