5 Best Online Helping Tools to Improve your SEO Content Writing

Discover how these five online helping tools can assist you in producing more engaging emails, blog posts, and polished texts. They will help you write more creatively and make a significant difference in your SEO content writing.
5 best online helping tools to improve your seo content writing poster

Although challenging, the SEO industry is incredible and very vast. 

When dealing with some problems, using tools that can streamline the writing process is crucial because there are so many elements to consider when it comes to SEO content

It is no secret that numerous writing tools are available online that can carry out various tasks for various prices. 

Because there are so many different free and paid types of SEO, it can be challenging to decide the ideal tool for SEO-based writing to boost your content marketing performance metrics.  

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    The best SEO tools that help users in content creation are listed in this article. Below you can find a detailed list of some of the most popular online writing tools we have compiled.

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    Amazing ways to improve your SEO content writing

    Following is a list of highly recommended tools for improving your SEO and maximising the benefits of content writing.

    This free-to-use online paraphrasing tool uses sophisticated AI that revises textual content to part of its original form and paraphrases it.

    It improves its tone and appearance, adds quality, and ensures that it is totally original. 

    This free online paraphrasing tool is a great way to give your blog posts more depth, add value, and make them free from plagiarism. 

    They enable you to reuse the content of an earlier/older article by transforming it into a new one with the same advantages as the original. 

    You can renew old copies, scripts, sales emails, and other content with great ease with the help of this tool. 

    In addition to being entirely free, Rephraser has a strict privacy policy, does not require registration or sign-up, and is incredibly easy to use. 

    This tool allows the use of up to 500 words on the free basic version.

    Rephraser is great for SEO writing purposes because it gives your content more value and helps with conversions. 

    Here are the advantages of using this paraphrasing tool:

    • Helps prevent self plagiarism.
    • Helps create refined content from old content.
    • By delicately rewriting your content, it adds excellent value.
    • Contributes to the production of high-quality content for other blogs or websites.

    Online notepad is a straightforward and user-friendly tool for taking notes that also excels as a word processor with advanced text features. 

    Using Online Notepads allows you to keep your notes accessible and as well-organised as you like. 

    It is simple to take them with you when you are out and about because it is digital and can be used anywhere where there is an internet or data connection. 

    The simple design of the free Online Notepad makes it more aesthetically pleasing than paper notebooks and costs nothing.

    It has 3 great and convenient options such as “Plain Text Mode”, “Rich text Mode”, and “Task List”. 

    Plain text mode offers a simple text pad with line, character and word count. The rich text mode offers all the advanced text formatting features. And the task list feature offers a convenient writing pad with tick boxes that you can check when the task is complete. 

    You can easily save and even download the document in 4 different formats, PDF, Word, Docx and txt. 

    If you are worried about the security and privacy of your personal information, the notepad includes a built-in feature that allows you to lock your notes with a password of your choice. 

    Online Notepad is the ideal tool for authors and users who want a straightforward word processor with sophisticated text formatting features.

    Word Counter is a simple and accurate tool for checking spelling and grammar as well as counting words, characters, sentences, and pages in real-time. 

    Following the text analysis, you can quickly determine the number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in your writing. 

    The word count and reading level, among other important readability indicators, are readily visible to the user, greatly enhancing the SEO-based content. 

    By doing this, you will learn how to make your content as effective as possible within the restrictions for any post, comment essay, blog, description, etc., while always staying within the permitted word count. 

    There are numerous benefits to having a smart and useful Word Counter, especially regarding SEO writing.

    This real-time tool is available to assist you in carefully arranging your words within the parameters of a comment, post, or message.

    SEO writers, bloggers, students, educators, and the larger online community can all use the free online word counter tool for their tasks.

    Here are all the extensive features that the free Word Counter tool offers:

    • Multiple Text Cases
    • Word Density Feature 
    • All Characters
    • Different Fonts 
    • Pages Count 
    • Number of Words
    • Different Text Sizes
    • Number of Sentences
    • of Character Without Spaces.

    Grammarly is a spell-checker and grammar checker that lets you write and edit better. It’s a great tool for students, writers, and anyone who needs to proofread their work.

    Grammarly can help with writing because it gives you reliable feedback. Whether you’re writing or editing, Grammarly will point out any errors you may have missed.

    This can be helpful if you’re working on a paper or blog post and need help making sure everything flows smoothly together. You’ll get suggestions on making your sentence clearer or more concise so that it makes sense to the reader.

    Make use of this plagiarism checker tool to examine your research paper, essay dissertation, or other work for duplicate material. Find out the exact results using a plagiarism rate within your research paper, dissertation, or other work.

    Top-Quality Check

    You can expect nothing less than a 100% accurate report when you examine an essay for plagiarism using the AI-powered tool. StudyCrumb utilizes the latest technology to detect plagiarism and exact-match content but does not consider frequently used words and citations.

    Free Unlimited Use

    The sky is the limit to unlimited checks as well as unlimited usage of this tool. The plagiarism scanner is free. You are able to examine as many papers as you want without worrying about overpriced or limitless options.


    There are many AI writing tools out there on the internet. 

    Some are better than others, but they all have something different to offer the writer who wants to master a particular style. 

    Be sure to read each extract of the helping tools we listed attentively to obtain the best suggestions for enhancing your SEO content writing and prioritising your individual needs to guarantee you choose the best tools.  

    When working with SEO writing, it may take some time before you get the ideal results you want. Don’t fret. This list of free online paraphrasing tools is a great start to benefit your content writing.

    To make things easier and more bearable, we have compiled a list of high-quality writing tools to assist you with SEO content: 

    1. Rephraser
    2. Online Notepad
    3. Word-Counter
    4. Grammarly
    5. Free Plagiarism Checker by StudyCrumb

    These writing tools will be of tremendous assistance while creating high-quality SEO content.

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