Good Designs Matter To Small Business Marketing

Graphic design is a powerful strategic marketing tool to reach your target audience. Good designs focus on the benefits your product or service will bring to the customers' life.
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One main goal graphic design will bring to your business marketing is good communication. Through this communication, your strategic marketing, above all, will be able to boost your products or your services to the public with creative thinking energy as the way to fulfil the customer’s needs. Therefore, photography, illustration, graphics, animation, typography are part of a significant component that matters to your business. This article will demonstrate how good designs matter to your small business marketing. They give your product a greater power to inform, educate and persuade the audience.


Good designers will help you immensely. They will produce a beautiful design to make your product stand out to your prospective customers’ needs. Website or graphic designs should be ultra-specific on the benefits your product brings to your customers’ lives. Well-balanced, attractive websites with a selected colour palette will make your product more trustworthy. Good graphic designers will help you create smart content which will not confuse your customers with vague words and redundant stories that don’t focus on directed information. Above all, the main aim is to understand your customers, know their desires, appreciate their fears, and help them solve their problems. Further, good designers will create a desire for your product as they can combine different media to create the perfect message that provides assurance and trust. Employ the power of the eye and persuade the audience – let your benefits sell.

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In today’s ever-growing marketplace, good design helps you stand out as you establish or develop your identity and your brand, therefore, communicating who you are, what you do and why your business is important.


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Furthermore, the quality of your small business’ designs influences what your market will think of your brand. It is your image or – in other words, it’s what your business is like.

Businesses need the services of graphic designers to produce exclusive mobile apps and social media pages for business promotion along with impressive market material such as logos, brochures, business cards, leaflets, stationery, signage, and so on.  Also, with more and more small business entering the market, more competition is created. Effective communication with your audience is essential. As a matter of fact, it is a critical, all-important part of marketing.

As shown above, it is essential to draw the attention of potential customers towards the positive emotional feeling that your product or service can offer them as they partner with you in a like-minded lasting solution to solve their problem.  


In graphic design different visual arts, typography skills, images and distinct layout techniques co-joint to create media elements such as website, packages, logos, reports, poster, infographics, magazines, ads and so forth. The designer creates elements (images, text and symbols) that use proper and accurate visuals, creating a specific message with an artistic approach. The final aim is to produce visual information for your target audience in an efficient and professional manner.

As I mentioned in “Expressing Ideas Through Graphic Design And Visual Arts”, graphic design is an art – but art which has a certain purpose and objective. Perhaps a combination of art and technology to communicate a message. The graphic design professionals are trained to understand your company’s goals and, simultaneously, find visuals to engage and persuade your audience to help you promote your products or services in your business marketing.

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Make your customers fall in love with your business


1. Establishes Your Business Name

When we see a striking logo, repeatedly, it automatically reminds us of a brand behind the logo. Their repeating in advertisements, business cards, websites, packages, will help the customer recognise the brand name and its personality. Your logo and visuals should reflect your message and through them, your customers should discover how your business can serve them.

2. Strengthens Your Brand

good designs impacts to marketing quotation

Graphic design creates an identifiable “face” for your business to help you promote and differentiate your company. This “face” is an immediate impression of what your business is like. The graphic designer will work with you to create visual elements and texts to positively brand and convey your desired company image. Creating a strong brand includes adding the sincerity, excitement, competence, and sophistication businesses will offer to their clients. Therefore, adding those elements to your design projects will produce the perfect web content to persuade the audience. Offer rational arguments to your prospective customers with a beautiful copy. Because, your website should sound good, be memorable, grab attention and create a desire for your products.

3. Increases Market Interaction

Good exposition helps your business earn trust and goodwill. It fills the viewer with confidence that your company will be able to deliver to their needs. With good graphic design, you can highlight how your products help people solve their problems or prepare the market for a new business idea.

Likewise, good design also engages your company’s social media views and followers – providing support for brand recognition. High-quality visuals grasp people’s attention – photographs, infographics, illustrations, and videos create effective and efficacious marketing tools to build brand awareness and recognition just by attracting people’s attention.

4. Delivers a Brand Message

good designs impacts to marketing quotation

Professional graphic design has the talent to convey and promote a specific brand message to your target public. Therefore, an art with a purpose. For instance, the designer picks adequate colours, typefaces, and symbols to evoke a determined intention your small business desire to promote. This intention then becomes the message the potential customer will receive. Above all, fresh good graphic designs are created especially for you to keep your customers coming back for new and attractive content and products.

5. Employees Pride and Productivity

The set of designs in logo, stationary, uniform, publications, brochures, etc. should reflect a common cause unique to the company business goals and employee productivity and engagement. When the designs become a common identity of the employees, it unites them in a healthy workplace with a strong core of brand identity. In other words, employees will commit to the company and will be proud of their role in it. Consequently, satisfied employees mean productive employees. As a result, this satisfaction will reflect on their professionalism towards your clients and vendors. This counts a lot for ensuring the growth of your business.

6. Saves Time and Makes Financial Sense

A good graphic designer knows the proper file format, colour modes, paperweights and types that should be used in a website or printing job. The best format will guarantee the best results. Proper tools adequately used assures enhanced readability for your design and are friendless to your customer. Good designers know that graphic design is more than just looks. Good design affects people’s ability to use the website or the printed brochure and mostly how to include your products or services in their lives.

Investing in graphic design will provide a massive return on investment. For instance, one good example is the yogurt company Chobani. They produce a somewhat tarter and thicker Greek yogurt that a few years ago was not bringing in any revenue. The company decided to spend a quarter of a million dollars on the redesign of the company’s packaging. The result was packaging with bright colours with lively images and text in a shorter and wider cup. In conclusion, the new eye-catching image appealed to the customers and in a few years they had more than increased their sales and now the company is valued at about $2 billion becoming the single leading yogurt brand in the United States. See how good efficient design influenced the market? The yogurt is still the same, but good design sells!

7. Persuasion Power

Good graphic designs persuade the audience to think about your company. It becomes the power of making a sense of connection from your users to your brand. If you are starting your small business, then good graphic design will serve as a good introduction. Remember that first impressions matter when it comes to introducing your businesses or your brand to the market. Our consumers are getting smarter than ever. They only need a few milliseconds to assess the visual appeal of a website and decide to stay or go. Not much time to follow the old traditional ways of telling your prospective customers what your company is, what it does and how it can help them. By the time you started, they will be already gone to your competitors’ websites.  

A good design puts the customer first. Above all, your small business marketing should use your graphic designers as part of the dedicated group which will be listening to, responding to your customer’s needs, and helping them solve their specific issues.

Have a look at this excellent graphic on the emotions that make people engage and feel entertained, and, therefore, closer to sharing your business views with their friends or as significant factors in their purchasing decisions. Spread your message with truth and excitement to inspire others to share your visions.

emotions that matter to small business marketing


Creating visual content with high-quality images and text that your prospective customers love will not only drive people to your site and promote your business but create an environment where they will trust your business and believe it has something valuable to offer.


good designs impacts to marketing quotation

I hope you can now understand why good designs matter to your small business marketing. Professionally created graphic design helps your company make a good impression on potential customers. Many of those customers will end up becoming loyal customers in the future. Most importantly, never forget that the first impression your graphic design communication delivers are of crucial importance in drawing the customer’s attention towards your business. Strong first impressions create customers relationships that last, and you will be one step closer to winning a rewarding business deal.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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