5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Church Logo Designs

The visual appearance of the church’s logo should reflect a successful brand defined by the ideals and mission it conveys. Learn how to avoid the five most frequent church branding mistakes made by religious institutions.
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    When it comes to churches or religious institutions, branding is usually not considered a priority. While you may not realise it, an effective branding strategy can be very useful for encouraging people to come to church and spreading its message. With elements such as your church logo design, fonts, colours, and imagery, you can connect with your community members and tell them about the purpose of your institution.

    If you think about it, the brand identity design for your church, in particular, can be critical to getting people to join and participate. It’s why you must focus on designing a religious centre logo relevant to the organisation and appealing to the audience with a message of peace and unity.

    In order to make sure that your church logo design has a lasting impression, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

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    1. Incorporating outdated elements

    This is very important and one thing you should remember when creating a logo for your church. A number of religious institutions can make the mistake of adding elements such as colours, fonts or imagery in their brand identity design that gives it an outdated appearance. So you have to avoid all such factors which confuse the viewer and reduce the appeal of the logo design.

    While you may want to go with traditional graphics to highlight your church’s origin or historical connection, you can still make it look attractive and relevant. It is important to understand that the church may be an institution that goes back thousands of years, but there has been an evolution over time.

    So if you manage to reflect that in your logo, you can find it easier to engage a younger audience and bring them to your church. Take a look at the church logo below. You will see how effectively the organization has shown their purpose and values with the cross and used relaxing and soothing colours that represent growth and security.

    2. Irrelevant imagery

    Your logo is most likely the first thing people will notice about your church on the website, brochures or flyers. It could also take away the message and confuse the people if it has irrelevant imagery, such as various buildings, figures or sceneries.

    So you have to avoid this and come up with a design that can be associated with your organisation and engage the community members in the best way possible. This does not mean you have to stick to a minimalist logo for your church or steer clear of illustrations. Basically, you can choose elements such as birds, leaves, water or books to highlight what you want the audience to know.

    Such imagery can work well in religious logo design and can make an impact immediately. Ultimately, you want a logo that creates a strong first impression of your institution and helps people remember it.

    3. Wrong font selection

    Choosing the right fonts for any logo can be a long process and require a lot of attention. For a church brand identity design, you have to be quite careful when picking fonts since it is easy to go wrong with them. Before you consider the typeface and fonts, you need to consider how you want your church to be perceived by people.

    For instance, Sans Serif fonts are clear-cut and modern and can be used to show that a church is contemporary and progressive. On the other hand, you can use Script to highlight traditional values and add elegance to the church logo design. However, it is crucial to remember that the fonts match the overall design and are relevant to your organisation.

    If you pick Slab Serif or display fonts for a church’s brand visuals, you could find it challenging to connect with many older community members. This font is considered trendy and unique and could be the wrong choice to send a serious message.

    4. Complicated design

    One of the most common mistakes that religious organisations can make is going for an unnecessarily complicated or complex logo design. Adding too many details or elements could overwhelm the viewer, and they will most likely have difficulty getting any information from the design.

    It’s why you should keep with a simplistic yet impactful logo that conveys everything important about the church with words, icons, shapes or colours. Take the examples of the church logos given here. Both designs are highly appealing and manage to convey the message effectively. The abstract figures surrounding the cross show how the church brings people together and promotes healing.

    While the second logo relies on its calming colour palette and the handwritten style of typography to highlight that it is an open and comforting space for all.

    5. Similar or generic icons

    This is a big reason why following trends and creating logo designs similar to other churches is a mistake. If you use icons like such as the cross symbol or Jesus fish in your logo, you have to make sure that it is incorporated creatively. Otherwise, your logo will look like every other religious symbol and fail to make an impression on the viewer.

    According to research, people recognise logos after 5 to 7 impressions of them. So your brand identity design should be unique and stay in memory within a short span of time.

    To sum up

    These are some of the common mistakes to stay away from for church logo designs. If you keep these in mind, you could come up with a logo for your church that convinces people to show up and take part in community events as well.

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