How AI Tools Can Be Used to Optimise Digital Marketing Content?

Using AI to optimise content is, in general, a fantastic method to boost your SEO results. Save time, cut down on human error, and come up with fresh ideas for your content, all with the help of these tools.  You should consider AI optimisation to improve your website's visibility in search engine results. Learn how.
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The only way to achieve the purpose of producing content for a digital marketing platform is through its optimisation. And when it comes to optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist you greatly. But how? The answer to this question lies in this blog post

Here, we will discuss how different AI-based tools can help you optimise your digital marketing content. For each tool, we’ll take assistance from real-life scenarios. This way, it will be easier for you to determine the contribution of AI in different aspects of content optimisation. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

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    Role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

    To understand the role of AI in content optimisation, we’ll share a few scenarios where you can use AI to boost SEO results –  use AI tools to help in content optimisation. So, let’s get to the benefits of AI in digital marketing.

    1. Developing and maintaining reader's experience

    Reader’s experience is one of the most crucial content optimisation factors. But how can you increase and maintain the reader’s experience through content? Well, the answer to this question lies in producing reader’s friendly content.

    When producing reader’s friendly content, you must ensure you provide the necessary information without overdoing it. However, it is common for content writers to get carried away while writing content for a blog post or article. In such a situation, experts recommend breaking the lengthy form of content into different subheadings. This way, it will be easier for readers to follow the information you are trying to convey.

    But besides breaking the information into subheadings, you can take assistance from the AI-based best paraphrasing tools.

    Paraphrasing online can help users to convert complex sentences into easy-to-read information during paraphrasing.

    So, if you have trouble writing easy-to-read phrases naturally, you can run your content into an AI paraphraser.

    2. Writing error-free content

    The quality of content is another factor that determines the reader’s experience of a blog post or article. But besides the quality of the material itself, a few other things make up a top-notch blog post or article. And one of those things is error-free content.

    A blog post, article, or any other form of textual content in digital marketing should be free of grammatical errors and typos. But when it comes to the long form of content, it’s hard to keep track of spelling errors, grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. That’s where you can take assistance from an AI grammar checker.

    Undoubtedly, some word processors have built-in spelling and grammar checkers. But those built-in modules are not powerful enough to detect all types of grammatical errors, typos and punctuation issues. Therefore, we recommend trying AI grammar assistants.

    AI grammar checkers or grammar assistants are NLP-based tools. So, they work by detecting your text’s context and providing grammatical, punctuation and spelling suggestions accordingly. That’s why you will get more accurate results through an AI-based grammar assistant rather than a word processor’s built-in spell and grammar-checking module.

    3. Producing content for search engines and people

    Search engines and people both want original information. Therefore, you should prefer unique and original content. However, if your digital marketing platform mainly focuses on textual content, like an article or blog post, you can try a plagiarism checker.

    The best plagiarism checkers work on advanced AI algorithms and deep-searching techniques to compare your content against already published materials. So, you can take assistance from such tools while writing the text for a blog post, article, or social media post. This way, you can ensure content originality.

    4. Removing content plagiarism

    If a plagiarism checker has found plagiarism in your content, you should instantly work on removing the plagiarised traces before publishing that content. Although you can manually reword the plagiarised portions, if you want the assistance of AI, you can rephrase online to avoid plagiarism.

    This will help you to paraphrase your content without affecting its actual intent.

    AI paraphrasers work on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced AI algorithms to paraphrase the content according to the detected context. So, such tools not only help make your content easy to read, but they can also make it plagiarism-free.

    Besides an AI paraphrasing tool, you can also take assistance from a good plagiarism remover to make your content free of plagiarism. Plagiarism removers work like AI paraphrasing tools. So, they can eradicate plagiarism from your content with the help of different AI plagiarism-removal modes. This way, if one AI plagiarism-removal mode fails to eliminate plagiarism, you will still have a few options in the bag.

    5. Writing content for target keywords:

    One of the essential things in content optimisation is keyword research. So, besides maintaining a better reader experience and producing high-quality content, your keyword research should be top-notch. Otherwise, you won’t be able to optimise your content. So, we recommend hiring proper SEO experts for keyword research.

    Once you have found the target keywords, it’s time to incorporate them into your content. But again, the keyword insertion should look natural and doesn’t overshadow content readability and readers’ experience. So, that’s where you can take assistance from AI SEO writing assistants.

    AI writing assistants work like AI grammar assistants. But the goal of SEO writing assistants is different. Such tools help you optimise your content according to your target keywords without putting content readability and readers’ experience at stake.


    Content optimisation refers to increasing the likelihood of content’s appearance in top SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But content optimisation is not all about keywords. There is more to content optimisation than meets the eye.

    Nowadays, search engine algorithms have become more realistic. So, now, the content is not all about search engine bots. In fact, it’s more about the audience and their experience. Therefore, read the above discussion to determine how you can take assistance from AI to boost SEO results, to build and maintain the audience experience for your content.

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