5 Accessories Every Pool Owner Needs

Swimming in pools is a popular activity for bonding and relaxation, but it is important to prioritise safety measures to prevent accidents. Despite the potential dangers, accidents in swimming pools can be prevented if security precautions are taken and proper safety tools are used. Therefore, pool safety should never be overlooked.
accessories every pool owner needs

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When it comes to maintaining a pool and keeping it safe, it can be important to invest in a few accessories. Below are just some of the important pieces of equipment every pool owner needs.

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    Pool Brush

    The floor and walls of your pool can develop stains and buildups of algae over time if not regularly cleaned. A pool brush is the best tool for keeping these surfaces clean and hygienic. These are brushes on long telescopic poles that you can use while standing out of the pool. The best type of brush to buy depends on the surface of your pool. Nylon bristle brushes are the most versatile option and can be used on pretty much any pool surface. Steel armoured brushes can provide a harder scrub but are not recommended on sensitive surfaces like glass tiles. Robotic pool cleaners are another option that can automatically scrub your pool; however, they come at a premium price.

    Pool Skimmer

    Pool skimmers can help collect debris on the surface of the water, such as leaves and bugs. You can buy hi-tech fixed skimmers that are installed on the side of the pool and moving robotic skimmers that are able to float over the surface of your pool. However, the most common option is to buy a skimmer net, as with a pool brush, which comes on a long telescopic pole and is used to fish out debris manually.

    Pool Vacuum Cleaner

    Brushes and skimmers can help clean the majority of dirt and debris from your pool, but they may not always be enough. This is where a pool vacuum cleaner comes in handy. As the name suggests, this is a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use in water. Pool vacuuming is recommended once per week to keep your pool water clean. You can choose from a handheld vacuum cleaner, a fixed automatic ‘suction-side’ vacuum cleaner, or a robotic vacuum cleaner (the latter options are more expensive).

    Pool Cover

    Pool covers have numerous advantages and are recommended for all pools. They are designed to cover your pool when not in use. They can help prevent debris from falling into your pool, reducing the amount of cleaning work needed. They can also stop people from falling in, which could be important if you have kids (pool barriers are another option that can provide added safety). Pool covers can also stop evaporation in heat and reduce ice formation in winter. There are many different types of pool covers to choose from, so take your time to explore options.

    Safety Rings/Hooks

    If someone does fall into your pool and they cannot swim, you need to be able to save them. While diving in is an option, safety rings and safety hooks can provide added assistance if someone is too heavy for you to save or you are unable to get in the water. Life jackets are an additional safety item that you could consider buying. Keep these in a convenient place by your pool.

    Why Pool Safety Should Be a Priority

    The safety standards for pool owners are essential to protect swimmers and guests. Pool maintenance is crucial in ensuring safety, and pool owners have a responsibility to address and correct any hazards present. This article has identified the top five accessories that every pool owner needs to prioritise swimming safety for their family and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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