Website design is probably the most important part of your website. It is the first impression your client will get. And it lasts.

We offer:

  • Web Design
    responsive design, fast performance, hosting, customized theme, SEO Optimisation, integration to social Media
  • Logo, Brand Identity & Web Design
    with most advanced WordPress Web Hosting
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Using the power of WordPress we produce the look and feel that will specifically fit the message you want to communicate to your target audience.

WordPress custom themes are developed with security in mind. We install, use and modify the themes to match your needs using HTML5 and CSS and/or the different plugins available. We use them to customise any kind of website to your needs and add custom functionality with advanced features like analytics, custom contact forms, membership area, and much more.

Our web design is SEO friendly with high-quality code and semantic markup to make Google and other search engines love them. You will have a built-in update management system (CMS) that will be easy to operate so you have the option to maintain your website using the admin dashboard.

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Our design is safe, secure and protected against malware and brute force attacks. The websites are also responsive adjusting to different sized screens and viewports. That means that your website will look good, function perfectly and be readable if your customers browse it from their desktop computer, or their tablet or from their smartphone. This is extremely important as today people access the websites from a variety of different devices with screens ranging from a couple of inches to sizes up to 27″ or more and expect the websites to function well and adjust to the screen sizes they are using.

And you will be able to handle different media types with a built-in media uploader to handle images, audio, and video files.

We incorporate UI (User Interface) to balance the aesthetic appeal with the technical functionality our website gives you – your visual experience will be pleasant and buttons, menus and micro-interactions will be easy to use and understand.

Your custom web design will be individual, unique with easy CMS to add integrity, functionality and a stunning look.

With our design, UX (User Experience) will also be part of your everyday life. Our goal is to make our user’s users happy. This is why we enjoy talking to you – to find out how you and your client interact with the website we design. We design for your users. We take your customer’s consideration in mind and our goal is to guarantee their satisfaction with your product or service.

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