Art, graphic art, illustration and graphic design walk in the same soil, but they are not the same. The art form takes a number of expressions from fine art to decoration and concept illustrations. Graphic designers create compositions to communicate and bring solutions to problems using their original artworks or other artists’ artwork.

Arts & Illustrations

We deal with two artistic skills and the peculiarities of their work to bring colour and joy and make the world a better place. In art, we deal with the goals we want to achieve with the images we create. In illustrations, we focus on the subject and not the form. The aim is to explain, describe, decorate so that the content corresponds to the words.

Art Reveals Our Soul

I experience a period of frightening clarity in those moments when nature is so beautiful. I am no longer sure of myself, and the paintings appear as in a dream
Vincent van Gogh

We make marks on the canvas and create ourselves a tiny bit more, that wasn’t there before and can never be replicated. Because it is a bit of our soul.

Illustration Stirs Our Imagination

to produce beautiful artwork, technical illustrations, and even graphics for both print and the web.

The illustration is used to communicate a message, an idea or a story with an attractive design that induces an emotional response to the target audience.

Art and Illustration are similar but different.

We produce art and illustrations

  • for Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Flyers, Wine Labels, CD Covers, Posters, and similar products
  • acrylic and oil painting in wood, murals and canvas


We enjoy both fields of application. It depends on the problem to be solved. Or on our imagination.

When we create or conceptualize from characters, costumes, scenes, environments, architectures, products or machines that do not exist, we become an artist.

When we illustrate we want to communicate a message with an attractive design that will be printed on a t-shirt, a poster, the poster for a film, a CD cover, a wine bottle, a book, or on a greeting card. Then we have to evaluate the external mechanics, the locality, the environment and the illustration need to represent the product, final and engaged with the public.

The artwork I produce is sold through my online gallery or through exhibits, I participate. The panels are only done under commission.

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bauernmalerei painting